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Cygames announces a completely new action game for consumers set in the world of magicians, "Project GAMM"!

Cygamesが魔術師世界が舞台のコンシューマー向け完全新作アクションゲーム「Project GAMM」を発表!

This article has not yet been translated, so only the title & description and some of the text has been automatically translated.

"Grand blue fantasy" "Shadowverse" "my horse daughter The pretty Derby" Cygames dealing with and all that and many big-grossing smart phone applications.
Isn't 1 game of Cygames also installed in everyone's smart phone?
I may generally be strong in an image of SUMAHOGEMU, but Cygames is also dealing with a very popular consumer game of "Grand blue fantasy Vs." and "shadow berth Battle of champions" etc..
"GRANBLUE FANTASY Relink" which cuts down sale in 2022 also has very high attention, doesn't it?
Such Cygames announced a new game for consumers suddenly! The name is also "Project GAMM" (project Gum)!

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58219Cygamesが魔術師世界が舞台のコンシューマー向け完全新作アクションゲーム「Project GAMM」を発表!
Total prize money of 5 million yen! "RAGE GBVS 2021 Summer" details announced!

Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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