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Cygames announces a completely new action game for consumers set in the world of magicians, "Project GAMM"!

Cygamesが魔術師世界が舞台のコンシューマー向け完全新作アクションゲーム「Project GAMM」を発表!

Cygames is responsible for a number of hit smartphone applications, including "Granblue Fantasy," "Shadowverse," "Uma Musume Pretty Derby," and many more.
I'm sure you have at least one Cygames game installed on your smartphone.
While most people may have a strong image of smartphone games, Cygames also produces popular consumer games such as "Granblue Fantasy Versus" and "Shadowverse: Champions Battle of Champions.
GRANBLUE FANTASY Relink," which is scheduled for release in 2022, has also attracted a great deal of attention.
Cygames has suddenly announced a new consumer game! It is called " Project GAMM "!

An action game set in a sorcerer's world of sun and rain

Project GAMM
Project GAMM
Cygames公式サイト プレスリリース

Project GAMM " is a brand new consumer action game by Cygames.
The game is set in the magical world of Noir, where the sun and the rain are the magician's world, and is a royal fant asy game with many magic spells performed by wizards!
Along with the announcement, the game's catch copy " This is the most beautiful battle in the world. The catch copy "This is the most beautiful battle in the world", key visuals, game screens and image art have also been unveiled. Along with the announcement, the catch copy "This is the most beautiful battle in the world," key visuals, game screens and image art were also released.

Image art "Karaboku"
Cygames公式サイト プレスリリース

The main staff of the game includes Kenichiro Takagi as director and producer ,Mogumo as character designer, Shiro Sagisu as music composer , andKiyoshi Arai of Red House, Inc. as environment designer, so expectations are undeniably high!
There is still not much information on the game, platforms, release date, etc., but a teaser site has been released, so bookmark it and wait for more news!

Director/Producer Kenichiro Takagi comments

My name is Takagi from Cygames. I have been very fortunate to have had many opportunities to present original works to the world, and I have run through all of them with great love and passion.
Now I am wondering how I can change in a world where even the common sense of everyday life is changing. What do I really want to create now, and could I create the magical games I dreamed of as a child? Can I get as close as possible to the future that game fans are excited about? Can I continue to do my best? I would like to talk about the results of all these considerations in this "Project GAMM".
We are still in the process of creating and polishing each and every fascinating character every day, but the entire project team will work together to assemble this new world while having fun.

Cygames公式サイト プレスリリース

Character Design: Mr. Mogumo comments

My name is Mogmo, and I am in charge of character design. In "Project GAMM," I am not only involved in character design, but I am also broadly involved in the artistic aspect of the project.
I believe that characters are made up of various elements such as motion, effects, and environment, in addition to their external appearance. The process of creating these elements while working together as a team is very enjoyable and exciting.
We are working hard every day to create art that will bring new surprises, fun, and beauty unique to this title within the royal genre of magical fantasy, and we hope you will look forward to it!

Cygames公式サイト プレスリリース

Music by Shiro Sagisu Comment

It was 350 years ago that Pascal taught that "entertainment is indispensable for those who want to escape the fear of death. It was 110 years ago that cinema was called the seventh art form. Cartoons followed as the ninth, and games as the tenth. Game music, then, is a fusion of the fourth art, music. In "GAMM," we will further promote the fusion of "time = music" and "space = game"!

Cygames公式サイト プレスリリース

Environment design by Mr. Kiyoshi Arai, Red House Co.

I am eager to present the wet, colorful, and glossy world that serves as the visual concept of this work in the most immersive and attractive way possible.
It is my ambition to make the background world as colorful as possible. Stay tuned!

Cygames公式サイト プレスリリース


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