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CyberZ enters into a partnership with the popular battle royale game "Wilderness Action"!


CyberZ, Inc. announced a partnership with " KNIVES OUT," a popular battle royale game created by NetEase Games that boasts 250 million users worldwide.
In conjunction with this partnership, KNIVES OUT has released its first "Wilderness Pro Team System" to support professional e-sports teams in establishing their infrastructure and playing environment, and has also announced the first four professional teams for KNIVES OUT.

Further development of the e-sports industry


KNIVES OUT" is a popular game played by over 250 million people worldwide, and is popular with both avid gamers and casual players alike.

The newly released "Wilderness Pro Team System" aims to improve the treatment and status of players by contracting with teams, and by contracting with teams rather than individuals, the system provides total playing support, including operational funding and PR advice, to create an environment that makes it easier to play. The system is designed to create an environment in which it is easy to play.

Four official professional teams have been announced: Alpha DAves, Sengoku Gaming, Flora, and XeNo.
Teams that sign professional team contracts will receive up to 2.5 million yen per month and up to 25 million yen per year in operating funds, which will be used for player salaries and team promotion.

The establishment of such a system is important in the e-sports industry, where the treatment of players remains unstable, and the better the playing environment, the higher the quality of performance of the players will be.

Introducing the first four official professional teams!


This team has won the top prize in the Wilderness Championship two years in a row and many championships in the KNIVES OUT sanctioned league.
With a stable income and environment, many of the team members are feeling the pressure of increased responsibility, but they are determined to improve their skills to achieve even better results as professionals.

Players: Aves6ETTYGOD, AvesNoαh, AvesSena, AvesMadness, AvesTakoo
Twitter: https: //twitter.com/oreratuyoi2nd


"Sengoku Gaming".

Sengoku Gaming, which has also had many good results in "Rainbow Six Siege" and "Apex Legends," has entered the KNIVES OUT professional league. The new team will be joined by members of "core", which won the Wilderness Championship 2021.
The members and the owner aim to create a team that is both popular and capable of winning the championship.

Players: Shimeji, Kapibara, Maruko, Maruru, Boru, Mapuru
Twitter: https: //twitter.com/SengokuGamingKO

Sengoku GamingCyberZ


Flora" is very popular because of its unique members and the fun atmosphere during games. The team had a difficult time when it was first established, and was even in danger of disbanding at one point, but it has since recovered and is now a professional team. The team's unity, strengthened by the pro-team contract, will allow them to appeal to the next generation of players and win official tournaments, something they have yet to achieve.

Players: FloraAin, FloraToricha, FloraRimeCha, FloraLouCha, FloraMaki
Twitter: https: //twitter.com/Flora_knivesout



XeNo", a team of heretics in the wilderness, has entered the Pro League with a good record since its formation.
The leader of the team, Mini-Mao, says that he will "work hard to further improve the team's overall abilities" upon signing a professional team contract, and the team is determined to win many championships with their high firepower in the professional league.

Players: XeNo Mini Hair, XeNoTu1x, XeNo Rasto-kun, XeNoBOBIO, XeNo? player, XeNoGα1N player
Twitter :https://twitter.com/XeNo_official_


Check out the official website and YouTube!

KNIVES OUT" will become more and more exciting with the appearance of official professional teams.
Be sure to check out the official YouTube, where you can find interviews with the newly contracted teams and collaboration commercials, as well as the official website andTwitter for the latest game information.


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