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Cosplay NFT site Curecos Starts Selling "Ukraine Support Cosplay NFT"!


Cure Holdings Limited, a company dedicated to supporting the Japanese activities of the "Cosplay Token (COT)", announces that it will start selling " Ukraine Support Cosplay NFT " on the NFT marketplace OpenSea and donate the proceeds (minus a handling fee) to UNICEF's Ukraine Emergency Fund. The proceeds (minus handling fees) will be donated to UNICEF's emergency fund for Ukraine.

Let's spread support for Ukraine through the power of cosplay!

ウクライナ支援コスプレNFTPR TIMES

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine is still continuing, with many displaced people taking refuge in neighboring countries, and there are no signs of an end to the war.
In the midst of this difficult situation, Cure Co., Ltd. is developing the "Ukraine Support Cosplay NFT" on OpenSea, the world's largest NFT marketplace, with the aim of "expanding the circle of support for Ukraine through the power of cosplay.
Ukrainian cosplayer Pugoffka (@PugoffkaSama), who participated in the cosplay NFT as a motif, plans to use the NFT service "Curecos" as well.
All proceeds, minus handling fees, will be donated to UNICEF's emergency fund for Ukraine.

Outline of NFT for Ukraine Support Cosplay
Products for sale Ukraine Support Cosplay NFT Campaign
Sales page Ukraine Support Cosplay NFT Campaign" page on OpenSea

Many citizens are still living in fear and anxiety due to the fighting in various parts of Ukraine.
Why don't you contribute to society through the power of cosplay?


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