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Six very popular cosplayers, including Uramaru, have been appointed as Curecos official cosplayers! We will conduct a campaign where you can get an original NFT!


(hereafter referred to as "Cure"), operator of the cosplay information site "Curecos Plus ", has announced the appointment of six very popular cosplayers as official cosplayers of the NFT site " Curecos ", where the virtual currency "Cosplay Token" (COT) can be used worldwide! The company has announced the appointment of six popular cosplayers as official cosplayers of "Curecos", an NFT site where the virtual currency COT can be used worldwide!
In commemoration of their appointment as official cosplayers, a campaign will be held to reward them with original NFTs, posters, and cheki (cheki is a Japanese word meaning "cheki" in Japanese).


Six cosplayers have been appointed as official Curecos cosplayers!

Curecos公式コスプレイヤーPR TIMES

The new Curecos official cosplayers are " Uramaru ", " Kurumi ", " Yuri Inami ", " Sakura Nanase ", " Nana Yukino ", " Tenjo Tenko&quot The six most popular cosplayers are

Curecos inaugural cosplayers

Uramaru (@uramaru_y)


Born in Fukuoka. I want to know various aspects of myself, such as character costumes and original costumes! and continues to challenge herself.
She is known for her high engagement rate.
Because of her short stature, she specializes in young and petite characters.
She is a real dress-up doll who can wear a wide range of costumes from Lolita to men's clothing.
In contrast to her visual image, she also has a gaping side as a lover of pachinko (Japanese pinball).


Uramaru Comment

I have been appointed as an official Curecos cosplayer!
I will do my best to make COT known to as many people as possible. Please support us!


Kurumi (@k_purarine)


She is a 148cm tall cosplayer model specializing in Lolita characters.
Her motto is to summon characters into 3D, and she does everything from costume creation to weapon modeling.
She is active mainly on Twitter and Instagram, and has over 500,000 followers on SNS.
She has many foreign followers and has performed at overseas cosplay events.


Kurumi Comment

I have been appointed as an official Curecos cosplayer!
I would like to enliven the cosplay world with my new endeavor of cosplay photography x NFT ° ✧ (*´ `*) ✧ °
I hope you'll come and experience a new way to enjoy cosplay!


Yuri Iha (@inamiyuri)


I'm a cosplayer who can sing, good at cosplaying bespectacled characters and singing.
She can play a wide range of characters from older ladies to lolita characters.
She loves to read so much that she always carries a book with her.
She loves her budgies very much.


Yuri Iha Comment

I hope to convey the new experience and value of cosplay to as many people as possible!
Please experience the new possibilities of cosplay tokens.


Sakura Nanase (@739ra)


Cosplayer with over 200,000 followers on SNS.
She is active as an event MC, gravure idol, model, apparel designer, and book publisher.
As an author, she has published two books related to cheki poses.
"The Book of Cheki -The Book of Cheki: Two Shot Cheki Pose Handbook" and "The Book of Cheki: Two Shot Cheki Pose Handbook with Mystery Photographers."


Comment from Sakura Nanase

My name is Sakura Nanase, and I have just become an official Curecos cosplayer.
I will do my best to be a part of "Cure", which has been at the forefront of cosplay since I became a cosplayer, and I hope that I can be a part of making it more exciting together with everyone.


Nana Yukino (@yukinana_uzura)


The younger sister of the twin cosplayers "Nanaruna Sisters.
She started cosplaying with her sisters in high school and is currently active on TikTok and YouTube.
With her tall and slender figure, she specializes in cosplay that makes two-dimensional characters look more natural in three dimensions.


Comment from Nana Yukino

At first, the unfamiliar word "NFT" caused me a lot of blank stares.
I want everyone to experience the new technology of "purchasing the ownership of each and every photo" through this campaign! Please feel free to participate.
I hope you enjoy it!


Tenjo Tenko (@_104channn)


A cosplayer who specializes in blonde hair and tsundere characters with suspending eyes.
She is energetic and can get along with anyone, so she is good at interacting with people actively, even serving as an MC at events.
Her special skill is remembering people's faces and names.


Tenjo Tenko Comment

I am honored to be chosen as an official Curecos cosplayer!
I'll be posting the photos I worked so hard to take, so please check back!


Campaign for 6 Curecos Ambassadors!

Curecosアンバサダー6名一斉就任キャンペーンCurecos Plus公式サイト

To commemorate the appointment of six new cosplayers as official Curecos cosplayers, the " Six Curecos Ambassadors Campaign " is now underway!
During the period from October 3 (Mon.) to October 9 (Sun.), 2022, you can support the 6 new Curecos Ambassadors by sending a message to their official Curecos accounts. Paid comments of 1,000 yen or more and support them, you can get an original NFT of each cosplayer in the NFT Gacha!
In addition, you can get " Cheki", " Postcard ", and " Poster " as extra prizes on a first-come-first-served basis.
The W Chance will end as soon as it runs out, so be sure to join the campaign as soon as possible!

Privileges for each cosplayer

  • Original selfie with a Super Rare NFT card (up to the first 100 applicants who apply for the privilege release)
  • Original bromide" with Ultra Super Rare NFT card (up to the first 100 who apply for privilege release)
  • Platinum NFT card: "Cosplay Poster" (up to the first 100 who apply for privilege release)

There will be a total of 25 types of NFT cards in five levels of rarity, from Normal to Platinum.
The number of cosplay NFT cards that will appear in the cosplay NFT gacha depends on the amount of paid comments, so please consult your wallet to decide how much you want to support.
For details on the campaign for the simultaneous appointment of six Curecos ambassadors, please check the official Curecos Plus website.


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