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Seeking the New Heroine of the Cosplay World! Curecos #My Best Cosplay 2022" was held.

求むコスプレ界のニューヒロイン!「Curecos #マイベストコスプレ2022」開催

The "Curecos #MyBestCosplay2022" contest will be held from December 20, 2022 (Tuesday ) on " Curecos," an online service that allows users to support cosplayers from around the world and acquire NFTs. The contest seeks out cosplayers who can further boost the cosplay-related industry, which has a global market size of more than $3.6 billion, and the grand prize winner will be awarded with advertising rights and other luxurious prizes.


Outline of "Curecos #My Best Cosplay 2022" Contest

"Curecos #マイベストコスプレ2022" "Curecos #マイベストコスプレ2022"特設ページ

The contest will run from Tuesday, December 20, 2022 until 23:59 on Thursday, January 5, 2023. The contest is open to residents of Japan, and minors must have parental consent.

Create a Curecos account on the "Curecos #MyBestCosplay2022" contest entry page, and post your entry in "Curecos" or on Twitter with the hashtag " #MyBestCosplay2022&quot and post your best cosplay shots taken in 2022 with the hashtag " #MyBestCosplay2022"" to complete your entry! The grand prix will be decided by the total of two points: support points in "Curecos" and votes by the judges.

Judging Method
Curecos post Comment support: 7 pt per ³ ・Heart button: 1 pt per heart ・Comment: 1 pt per comment
Voting by judges Votes by 2 judges: 100,000 pts per vote *Each judge is entitled to 5 votes.

Prizes for winners

One winner with the most points will receive the Grand Prix, four winners with the second to fifth highest points will receive the Curecos Award, and the Best Fan Award will be given to the winner with the highest total amount of paid support comments for the subject post during the contest period.

Winners' Privileges
Grand Prix Exclusive 1-page advertisement in the cosplay magazine "COSPLAY MODE" ・Cover model for the event pamphlet of the cosplay event "acosta! Interview article in the news media "Curecos Plus
Curecos Award Single interview article in "Curecos Plus", a news media specializing in cosplay
Best Fan Award Souvenir from Curecos (not for sale)


The judges for this contest will be the following two people

Taro Daimon (@daimontaro )


Daimontaro founded the cosplay magazine "COSPLAY MODE" in 2002. He has published many magazines including men's entertainment magazines and women's fashion magazines. Currently, he is the editor-in-chief of "VTuber mode," the president of Japan Maid Association, and a visiting professor at Kagawa Junior College.

acosta! Nishizawa (@acosta_info)

 acosta![アコスタ] 西澤PR TIMES

"You can film! You can play! You can interact! is the concept behind acosta!, a cosplay event held in various locations throughout Japan, mainly in the Kanto and Kansai regions.

The winner of the contest will receive advertising rights in the cosplay magazine "COSPLAY MODE, " a cover model for the event pamphlet of "acota! Plus", a news media specialized in cosplay with a monthly PV of 500,000, and other prizes such as the right to publish an interview with the winner. If you are interested, why not participate in the "Curecos #My Best Cosplay 2022" contest? For more information, please visit the "Curecos #MyBestCosplay2022" special page.


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