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The former management company that launched gaming papa active service announced "TCGVerse"! A new NFT game that can be played with all NFT!


GameRoom " is called "Gaming Papa Katsudo" by the representative of the company that launched the service, and is also known as "Gaming Papa Katsudo" by many people. CryptoGames, Inc. has sold this service to StudioX, Inc. and as we were wondering what CryptoGames, Inc. would do next, they announced a new NFT game called "TCGVerse" that can be played on all NFTs!

What is "TCGVerse"?

TCGVerseGoogle Slides

TCGVerse" allows you to play a variety of card games using your own NFTs.
A portion of the Play to Earn rewards users earn from games compatible with TCGVerse will be returned to the NFT creators who used the NFTs in the game play.

CryptoGames, the company that launched the "GameRoom" gaming dating service, has created "TCGVerse" in order to realize a TCG that could not be realized with the "CryptoSpells" card game. The company will launch "TCGVerse" in order to realize the TCG that CryptoSpells, a card game by CryptoGames Inc.
The idea is to increase the value of NFTs and expand the TCGC economy by adding utilities to various other NFTs.

The first "TCGVerse" game will appear in the spring of 2022!

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The first "TCGVerse" game is "CryptoSpells v2 (tentative)" and is scheduled for beta launch in the spring of 2022.
The name "CryptoSpells v2" suggests that it is a blockchain game that is a further upgraded version of "CryptoSpells".
We expect this service to be even more exciting than "GameRoom"!
For more information, please check out the 5-page Google Slides presentation by Cryptospells.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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