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CREST Co., Ltd. announces new horror adventure "Last Light"! The Steam version will be available in advance on Thursday, August 26th!

株式会社CRESTが新作ホラーアドベンチャー「Last Light」発表!Steam版は8月26日(木)に先行配信!

CREST Corporation announced on August 4 that "Last Light," a new horror adventure game produced by TEAM CORN FIELD, will be released on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

The Steam version will be released on Thursday, August 26 for 1,690 yen (including tax), while the Nintendo Switch version will be available for a yet-to-be-determined release date and price.

A new sense of horror that combines cuteness and fear

主人公"フユカ"PR TIMES

Fuyuka is on her way to a "test of courage" with her friends when she realizes that her friends have disappeared. The story takes place in an abandoned hospital with scars from the tragedy that occurred there, and the player must rely on the faint light and gather clues such as the student ID card of her classmate, the only source of information, and fragmented picture diaries to find out the truth about the abandoned hospital, escape from the attacking ghosts, and escape from the abandoned hospital.

Charming characters and a dark story


The main character, who is bullied by the bullies, his classmates, a cat that speaks, and past patients who become spirits and wander around the hospital are all drawn in a somewhat scary yet cute style, which is one of the charms of this title.

With its cartoon-style design, horror adventure, unique characters, and a story worth exploring, this title is sure to be a hit with a wide range of players.

Official website and Steam store page are now open!

The official website and Steam store page opened at the same time as the release announcement.
The official site provides detailed information on the game's storyline, how to play, and introductions to the main characters, all designed to give a sense of the game's worldview. The game will be available on the Steam store page.


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