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Human Academy esports team Crest Gaming signs sponsorship deal with SteelSeries

ヒューマンアカデミーのeスポーツチーム「Crest Gaming」が「SteelSeries」とスポンサーシップ契約を締結

Human Academy, a subsidiary of Human Holdings, Inc. that is engaged in the education business, announced that its e-sports team, " Crest Gaming," has signed a sponsorship agreement with SteelSeries, a Danish gaming device manufacturer. a Danish manufacturer of gaming devices, has signed a sponsorship agreement with SteelSeries.

Collaboration with the team's players is also planned.

"SteelSeries"×"Crest Gaming"
SteelSeries x Crest Gaming
Crest Gaming公式サイト

Crest Gaming is a multi-professional gaming team formed in July 2016. The team is active in the top leagues in Japan for the popular games "League of Legends" and "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)".
In July 2020, Human Academy Co.
The sponsorship agreement with SteelSeries will provide SteelSeries products to Crest Gaming players and streamers, and is expected to expand recognition of SteelSeries products in the e-sports industry.
The company also plans to collaborate with team members such as Aria to strengthen the brand.
For more information, please visit the official Crest Gaming website.


Comment from Takuya Nishimura, President of Crest Gaming

We are very pleased to have signed a sponsorship agreement with SteelSeries.
SteelSeries has a history of working with great players and teams.
We are grateful to have Crest Gaming join our circle, and we feel that we are growing as a team.
We will work harder than ever before to take on new challenges and make even greater strides.
We look forward to your continued support and encouragement of SteelSeries and Crest Gaming.

Crest Gaming公式サイト

Comment from Kensuke Soga, Country Manager, SteelSeries Japan

esports is an extremely important part of SteelSeries' identity. We are pleased to announce the addition of
Crest Gaming joins the SteelSeries family of world-class gaming devices.
Crest Gaming is excited to join the SteelSeries family and offer the world's best gaming device products. Through this sponsorship agreement, we hope to further the team's
We are looking forward to supporting Crest Gaming in their efforts to further develop their team and the esports market in the global arena.
We will provide full support for the further growth of the team on the global scene and the esports market.

Crest Gaming公式サイト


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