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First in Japan! The birth of optical line "Commufa Light Gaming Custom" specialized in online games!

日本初!オンラインゲームに特化した光回線「コミュファ光 ゲーミングカスタム」誕生!

In today's world, it is commonplace to download game titles, share game screens, update saved data, and play games online using an Internet connection.
While high-speed and stable connections are essential for comfortable play, large amounts of data are also exchanged, which tends to cause lag during busy times.
So here's some good news for gamers who want to play as comfortably as possible!
Chubu Telecommunications Corporation, a telecommunications company, has announced the launch of " Commufa-hikari Gaming Custom," Japan's first optical fiber line specialized for online gaming!

Gaming line with reduced latency and lag

Commufa HIKARI Gaming Custom" is a service called " Fast Connect Option " that optimizes " Commufa HIKARI 10 G iga" provided by Chubu Telecommunications Co.
Commufa HIKARI 10 Giga is a service that can provide ultra-high-speed Internet speeds of up to 10 Gbps, but with "Commufa HIKARI Gaming Custom," QoS technology can be applied to reduce the effects of congestion and maintain communication quality.
On the official website, there are graphs comparing the delay and lag levels of "Commufa HIKARI Gaming Custom" and ordinary Internet lines, as well as the results of fluctuation measurements with a certain FPS game server between 19:00 and 23:00, which is generally considered to be peak time, within a range of approximately 1 ms.

コミュファ光 ゲーミングカスタム
Commufa HIKARI Gaming Custom
コミュファ光 ゲーミングカスタム公式サイト
コミュファ光 ゲーミングカスタム
Commufa HIKARI Gaming Custom
コミュファ光 ゲーミングカスタム公式サイト

Although no specific figures are given, the graphs clearly show the effect of "Commufa Optical Gaming Custom"!

Check the service area!

"Commufa HIKARI Gaming Custom" will be available from June 1, 2021 (Tuesday ).
It is available by subscribing to the "Fast Connect Option" for a monthly fee of 770 yen for "Comufa Hikari 10Gigabit".
If you are currently using one of the following menus: Commufa 10G Home EX, 10G Mansion F EX, 10G Home EX Select (EDIONET), or 10G Mansion F EX Select (EDIONET), you will be able to use the optional service by subscribing to the service.
Even if you are within the coverage area of Chubu Telecommunications, it may not be available in some areas, so please check the coverage area on the official Comufa Hikari website.
Lag and latency in online gaming are more serious enemies than our rivals all over the world.
Japan's first gaming fiber optic line, "CommufaHikari Gaming Custom," will reduce lag and latency, your biggest enemy, and give you a comfortable gaming experience!
Gamers living in the service area should definitely consider this service.
For more details, please visit the official "Commufa HIKARI Gaming Custom" website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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