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Aim at the parent-child duo Vikroy! "The 9th Commifa Cup Chubu 5 Prefecture Parent and Child Strongest Final Battle FATE FORTNITE" Entry is now accepted!

親子デュオで目指せビクロイ!「第9回コミュファカップ 〜中部5県親子最強決定戦FEATURING FORTNITE〜」エントリー受付中!

Chubu Telecommunications Corporation (ctc), well known for its "Commufa Hikari," which provides high-speed Internet service in five prefectures in the Chubu region, is hosting the "Commufa Cup," an e-sports tournament.
The "9th Commufa Cup - FEATURING FORTNITE - " (hereafter, the 9th Commufa Cup for Parents and Children) will be held again on May 4, 2022 (Wednesday, national holiday) from 14:00 to 17:00: The 9th Commufa Cup Parent-Child Tournament will be held on May 4, 2022 from 14:00 to 17: 00.
The "8th Commufa Cup - SOLO Competition FEATURING FORTNITE" will also be held on April 29, 2022 (Fri., holiday), so you can enjoy FORTNITE to the fullest during GW.
And on the day of the competition, aim for Vicroy!

コミュファ光 【NNコミュニケーションズ】

Which parent and child is the strongest? The FORTNITE Parent and Child Competition!

第9回コミュファカップ 〜中部5県親子最強決定戦FEATURING FORTNITE〜
The 9th Commufa Cup - FEATURING FORTNITE - the strongest parent-child competition in the 5 central prefectures of Japan!
"第9回コミュファカップ 〜中部5県親子最強決定戦FEATURING FORTNITE〜"大会ページ

The 9th Commufa Cup Parent-Child Tournament will consist of two parts: a semi-final stage and a final stage.
In the semi-final stage, the players will be divided into three groups, "Semi-final Group A to C," and each group of 45 pairs (90 players) will play a single game.
The top 15 pairs in each group will advance to the final stage, where a total of 45 pairs (90 players) will compete for the Viceroy in the final stage.

Flow of the competition
"第9回コミュファカップ 中部5県親子最強決定戦FEATURING FORTNITE~"大会ページ

Meet the performers who will make the tournament exciting!

All the games will be streamed live on the official GGcommufa YouTube channel.
In order to continue from the 8th Commufa Cup to the 9th Commufa Cup Oyako, Shinichiroo ( @shinichi_rooo), a very popular e-sports caster who has participated in many e-sports tournaments and programs including official tournaments, will provide the play-by-play commentary, and the commentary will be provided by a new member of the professional gaming team The commentary will be provided by streamer Shinpei Esu ( @shinpeiSSR), who belongs to the professional gaming team ZETA DIVISION and mainly distributes FORTNITE, and guest commentator Nephrite ( @Nephrite2)

, who belongs to GameWith, Inc. and is active as a professional gamer for FORTNITE. The guests are Mr. Nephrite (@Nephrite2), a professional FORTNITE gamer who belongs to GameWith Co.

"第9回コミュファカップ 中部5県親子最強決定戦FEATURING FORTNITE~"大会ページ

コミュファ光 【NNコミュニケーションズ】

Entries are now being accepted!

Entries for the 9th Commufa Cup for Parents and Children are already open!
Entries close on Sunday, April 17, 2022 at 23:59!
No entry fee ! We are looking for a maximum of 270 participants (135 pairs)! If there are too many applicants, participants will be selected by lottery.
Please note that the participants must have a current address in Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Shizuoka, or Nagano Prefecture, and must be a parent and child (child must be between 1st grade elementary school and 3rd grade junior high school).
Entry also requires registration (free of charge) on the "Commufa Member Site". If you do not have an account, please complete registration by clicking "New Member Registration" on the login page of the "Commufa Member Site" before entering the contest.
There will be luxurious prizes again, but the details of the prizes have not yet been disclosed, so stay tuned for more information in the future!
Beginners are also welcome to participate in this tournament, so why don't you join us and make memories of GW for you and your children?
Let's go for Vicroy and win gorgeous prizes!
For more information on the details of the tournament and how to enter, check out the "9th Commufa Cup: The Strongest Parent-Child Battle in the 5 Chubu Prefectures FEATURING FORTNITE~" tournament page








Tournament Outline
Name 9th Comm Cup FEATURING F
Date and Time
Match Schedule
14:00 Opening
14:05 Semifinal Group A Match Start
14:40 Semifinal Group B Match Start
15:15 Semifinal Group C Match Start
16: 00 Start of final stage matches
17:00 Scheduled end
Free of charge
Number of participants 1 group max. 90 players (45 pairs) x 3 groups
Max. 270 players (135 pairs) expected
*In case of oversubscription, participants will be decided by lottery
Rosters will consist of 2 parents and 2 children
Match format game mode: Arena DUO
Team formation: Duo
Matching server: Asia
Application : Sunday, April 17 2022 23:59
Distributed GG Commufa YouTube channel
OrganizerChubu Telecommunications Co.
Tournament page https://join.commufa.jp/ggcommufa/esports/cc_fortnite04/

コミュファ光 【NNコミュニケーションズ】


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32193親子デュオで目指せビクロイ!「第9回コミュファカップ 〜中部5県親子最強決定戦FEATURING FORTNITE〜」エントリー受付中!
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