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PRINCIPLES, the first short adventure from COLOPL Creators, the technology brand of COLOPL, is now available!

コロプラの技術ブランド「COLOPL Creators」第1弾となる短編アドベンチャー「PRINCIPLES」が配信開始!

Coroplast, the developer of many hit smartphone games such as " White Cat Project," " Black Cat Wiz," and " Alice Gear Aigis," has released a new title, " MONSTER UNIVERSE." We also introduced the new title "MONSTER UNIVERSE" on funglr Games. While it has become commonplace to charge a certain amount for "free-to-play" games, the release of a full-length 3D action RPG that allows players to play through to the ending of the story forfree was quite a surprise. It is a very challenging and player-friendly title that is typical of Coroplast, and I am sure that many people, including students who have difficulty paying for games, are already playing it. MONSTER UNIVERSE" is also a hot topic at Coloplast, and another title was announced on the same day. The new brand " COLOPL Creators " has created " PRINCIPLES " with super beautiful graphics!

コロプラが無料でエンディングまでプレイ可能な「落としきり」3DアクションRPG「MONSTER UNIVERSE」配信開始!

The first "COLOPL Creators" application

PRINCIPLES " is the firstshort adventure game created by " COLOPL Creators ", a new brand established by the creators of COLOPLAR to communicate the latest technology being developed by COLOPLAR. Just by looking at the main visuals and the PV, you can see that the game has a serious and realisticphotorealistic expression, which is different from the pop and animated graphics of "MONSTER UNIVERSE".




adventurer falls into a cave through a crack in the rock


exploring. There she finds traces of human presence and mysterious ancient ruins. Then she steps into the darkness. ......


High-definition graphics from the surface of the water reflecting a dimly lit cave with dusty sand, light shining through gaps in the rocks, and lights shimmering quietly. 3D sound simulating the echoes and attenuation in the cave, such as the sound of walking footsteps, the sound of rubbing clothes, and the sound leaking from bare electric circuits, and the latest technology that Coroplast is working on, give you a realistic feeling of exploring the world of abyssal underground ruins. Download "PRINCIPLES" now and find out for yourself what awaits you beyond the underground ruins! PRINCIPLES" is a PRINCIPLES" is a free app and there are no fees. PRINCIPLES" is a free app with no charges. We are very grateful for this, but "MONSTER UNIVERSE" can also be played to the end for free, and it makes us worry about Coroplast. The game is compatible with smartphones and can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS users and from Google Play for Android users. Please note that since this is a title with beautiful graphics, the supported specs are iPhone XS or higher for iOS andGalaxy S10 or higher for Android. Like "MONSTER UNIVERSE," this new title from Coroplast is free, so it's hard to find a reason not to play it, right? Download it now and explore the underground ruins! For more information, please visit the official Coroplast website!


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