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"White Cat Project" collaborates with "Evangelion"! Let's get luxurious goods!


The action RPG "White Cat Project" for smartphones, developed and operated by COLOPLAR, Inc.
The next collaboration for "White Cat Project" will be with the popular TV anime " Evangelion "!

Since its first broadcast in 1995, the series has continued to grow in popularity, and in February 2021, "Shin Evangelion the Movie" was released, bringing the series to its conclusion.

"Pattern White! It's a cat! Earn points and win gorgeous prizes!


Get points by liking and RTing tweets with the hashtag "#White Cat Eva Collaboration"! All users will receive in-game items based on the total points earned!
Points earned by individuals can be used to enter a drawing for goods or exchange them for in-game items through the campaign website.

Points can be earned until October 31, while the item exchange and goods application period ends on November 8.
For details on the points required, please refer to the "Pattern White! It's a cat! Please visit the " Pattern White!


Play the "Operation Crabcake" mini-game and win gorgeous prizes!


Now, you can play "Operation Crabcake" mini-game on the collaboration special site.
Share the results of the mini-game on Twitter, and you will be entered into a drawing to win a figure or sticker!

Get Jewels in the in-game campaign!


Of course, the familiar in-game events are being held in this collaboration as well.
The usual collaboration Sugoroku game will be held every day to get in-game items and Jewels, and a collaboration countdown is also being held to get Jewels every day.
Log in every day and get Jewels from in-game events to prepare for the collaboration gacha!

Collaboration Commemorative Event! Jewel Lottery!


From October 22 to November 2, "Jewel Lottery" will be held, where you can get up to 10,000 Jewels when you log in every day.
If the number of tweets from all users reaches a certain number, the number of Jewels you will receive in the "Jewel Lottery" will be doubled for the three "Jewel Lottery" sessions starting on October 29.

The maximum number of Jewels you can win is 20,000, so be sure to log in every day during this period!

Collaboration Commemorative Event! Jewel Refill Campaign


From October 22 to November 17, you can get an additional 50 Jewels only once for every 200 Jewels you get in the game!
Note that this campaign is not for Jewels obtained by paying bills, etc., but for those available in-game! This can be easily achieved with the Jewels distributed in this campaign, such as log-in bonuses and backgammon!

When you play Hakcat, there are many times when you are short of the number of Jewels needed for the 11 rounds of Gacha... This will be a great help!

Check "Hakuneko Osenyan" for more information!

Detailed information about the collaboration gacha will be posted on "Hakuneko Osenyan"!

This collaboration is said to be one of the biggest ever, but the quality of the information available now is so high that we can hardly wait for the day when the collaboration takes place!

Also, the official Twitter page will be posting information about the collaboration every day, so be sure to check it out as well!


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