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"Coincheck" is holding an ETH giveaway campaign worth 50,000 yen for everyone who purchases The Sandbox LAND!

「コインチェック」がThe SandboxのLANDを購入した全員に、5万円相当のETHプレゼントキャンペーンを開催中!

Coincheck is a virtual currency exchange operated by Coincheck Corporation, a subsidiary of Monex Group.
Coincheck handles 17 crypto assets, the largest number of currencies in Japan, making it a popular virtual currency exchange.
Coincheck is currently running a campaign in which everyone who purchases "Land" of the metaverse game "The Sandbox" on Coincheck 's NFT market price " Coincheck NFT (beta version )" will receive 50,000 yen worth of ETH as a present. The campaign is now underway!



All purchasers will receive 50,000 yen worth of ETH!


The "50,000 ETH Present Campaign" will be offered to all customers who purchase "LAND", a piece of land in "The Sandbox" listed by Coincheck during the campaign period. 50,000 yen worth of ETH will be given away for every 1LAND! The campaign is open to all purchasers of "LAND", the land in "The Sandbox" listed by Coincheck.
The Sandbox's "LAND" is located next to "Oasis TOKYO," a futuristic city in the year 2035, where artists and celebrities such as MIYAVI, a samurai guitarist, and NEO TOKYO PUNKS have been performing. TOKYO PUNKS and other artists and celebrities will be collaborating with Oasis TOKYO.
In addition to prizes for everyone who purchases, the campaign will also offer prizes based on the number of units purchased!
The campaign will run from Monday, June 13, 2022 to Monday, June 27, 2022 at 23:59, so why don't you take this opportunity to buy "LAND" from Coincheck!
For more details about this campaign, please visit Coincheck's official website!

Outline of "The Sandbox" ETH Present Campaign for 50,000 yen worth of ETH for each LAND purchased.
Period From Monday, June 13, 2022 to Monday, June 27, 2022 at 23:59
Eligibility Those who purchase "Land" in "The Sandbox" listed by Coincheck during the campaign period.
Prize ETH worth 50,000 yen per "LAND".
Scheduled Grant Date The prizes will be awarded to those who have fulfilled the campaign conditions within two weeks of the end of the campaign period.
You can check your prize allocation history on Coincheck (WEB) and Coincheck App.


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Coincheck holds "Bitcoin Give Campaign"
Coincheck holds "Bitcoin Give Campaign"...

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