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Coincheck and The Sandbox will release oasis TOKYO, a near-future city in 2035, on metaverse in the spring of 2022!

コインチェックとThe Sandboxが2035年の近未来都市「Oasis TOKYO」を2022年春にメタバース上で公開予定!

Coincheck, Inc. and "The Sandbox," a company that promotes the use of the metaverse in the gaming field, have launched a project to create a near-future city in the year 2035 on the "LAND" land on "The Sandbox," which is owned by Coincheck. Oasis TOKYO " is a near-future city in the year 2035, located on the "LAND" land owned by Coincheck.

What is "Oasis TOKYO"?

Oasis TOKYO" is a "Metaverse x NFT" community center based on the concept of a "near-future city in 2035.
In a symbolic townscape reminiscent of Japan, various event facilities such as a museum and a stage will be set up to provide a place for artists of various fields to interact with their fans and for companies to cultivate their communities.


What is "The Sandbox"?

The SandboxThe Sandbox

The Sandbox" is a "user-driven game-making platform" that allows users to create voxel-art avatars, buildings and other items, and play games in a virtual space called the Metaverse.
The Sandbox series has become a popular game with over 40 million downloads worldwide to date.
At the end of November 2021, prior to the official launch of the blockchain PC version, "The Sandbox Alpha" was held to give LAND owners who meet certain criteria the opportunity to participate in "The Sandbox&quot The Sandbox Alpha", which took place at "The Sandbox Alpha", was the first time that a variety of content in "The Sandbox"" metaverse was made available to "LAND" owners who meet certain criteria.

Coincheck and The Sandbox entered into a partnership in September 2020.
Coincheck and The Sandbox are also promoting "The Sandbox" in the Japanese market by selling LAND on the NFT marketplace "Coincheck NFT (beta version)".

The Sandbox official website: https://www.sandbox.game/jp/
How to play The Sandbox: https://coincheck.com/ja/article/457

Message from the Founder

Sebastien Borget氏・天羽 健介氏Coincheck

Sebastien Borget, COO of The Sandbox

Japan is a very important market for The Sandbox and we have been strengthening our efforts in Japan since the first half of 2020. In particular, we have entered into a strong strategic partnership with Coincheck in 2020, and have been working with Coincheck NFT (beta version) to sell the LAND needed to start "The Sandbox" game. With the focus on the metaverse on a global scale, we are very excited to be able to offer this opportunity for people to experience the metaverse first-hand. "We hope that Oasis Tokyo will help many people become fans of The Sandbox by allowing them to experience the joy of sharing their experiences in the metaverse with their peers. We look forward to working with our strong partner, Coincheck.


Kensuke Amaha (Executive Officer, Coincheck K.K.)

Coincheck launched Coincheck NFT (beta version), an NFT marketplace integrated with its crypto asset trading service, in March 2021, and has been strengthening collaboration with "The Sandbox" to expand awareness by selling LAND as the first step. As a second step, we will create and foster a community on LAND. NFT is highly compatible with the metaverse, and we believe that "The Sandbox", a metaverse that already incorporates NFT and blockchain, will be one of the most influential metaverses in the world. We believe that The Sandbox will be one of the most promising metaverse in the world. I am very excited to support the creation of a community that connects artists, companies, and fans on the metaverse, and I look forward to working with Coincheck and The Sandbox on this joint effort. I hope you will enjoy this joint effort between Coincheck and The Sandbox.


"We are looking for partners.

Coincheck is looking for companies and organizations that are interested in utilizing NFT and Metaverse.
We are also looking for members to create content and manage the community in the "Oasis TOKYO" met averse.

This initiative aims to provide opportunities to experience activities in the metaverse and to activate community activities in "The Sandbox," and is scheduled to open to the public in the spring of 2022.


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