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Coincheck Launches Project to Create a New Metaverse City "Oasis MARS" on "Otherside"! We are also looking for metaverse creators and collaboration partners!

コインチェックが「Otherside」に新たなメタバース都市「Oasis MARS」を制作するプロジェクトを開始!メタバースクリエイターやコラボレーションパートナーも募集中!

"Otherside" is a metaverse produced by Yuga Labs, the company behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and other NFT collections, and Animoca Brands, which owns Open Metaverse and other NFT-related subsidiaries. Otherside ".
On Wednesday, July 27, Coincheck, Inc. announced the launch of a project to create the metaverse city " Oasis MARS " in the "Otherside"!
With the start of the project, the company has begun recruiting metaverse creators to participate as project members of "Oasis MARS" as well as collaboration partners who will work together to make the project a success!

コインチェックとThe Sandboxが2035年の近未来都市「Oasis TOKYO」を2022年春にメタバース上で公開予定!


The Metaverse City "Oasis MARS" Production Project is now open!


Coincheck, Inc. is working on the creation of a new customer experience and digital economic sphere by crossing the metaverse and NFT.
In January of this year, the company began production of the metaverse game " The Sandbox " and in March of this year, " Oasis KYOTO " in " Decentraland ". In March, the company began producing "Oasis KYOTO" at "Decentraland" and in March, "Oasis KYOTO" at "Decentraland.
Coincheck has launched a project to create the metaverse city " Oasis MARS " in the metaverse "Otherside ".
We are looking for metaverse creators to participate as members of the " Oasis MARS" project, as well as artists, organizations, and companies that will help make the " Oasis MARS " project a success through collaborations and other projects!
For the latest information on "Oasis", a metaverse urban development project led by Coincheck, please check the official Oasis Twitter account (@Oasis_pj )!

What is Otherside?

Otherside is a user-driven open world platform.
The platform will offer a user experience of gameplay, creativity, and competition with other players.
In addition, the first " Voyager's Journey " trial version, which also served as a technical test, was offered to approximately 4,300 "Otherdeed " holders and selected developers.
A light paper describing the concept and future plans of "Otherside " is available on the official Coincheck website.



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From July 1, 2022 (Friday), "Coincheck" operated by Coincheck Co., Ltd., which is familiar with crypto asset trading services, has announced that it w

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