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The metaverse city "Oasis KYOTO" to be built by Coincheck is finally pre-opened! An offline commemorative event commemorating the pre-opening will also be held!

​コインチェックが建設するメタバース都市 「Oasis KYOTO」が遂にプレオープン!プレオープンを記念したオフライン記念イベントも開催!

Coincheck, Inc. has announced a project to create " Oasis KYOTO," a futuristic city in 2035, on the "LAND" land on Decentraland in March 2022.
Oasis KYOTO" was scheduled to open to the public in 2022, but finally started its pre-opening on Friday, September 30, 2022!


Metaverse City "Oasis KYOTO" Pre-Opening!

Oasis KYOTO " is based on the concept of a near-future city in 2035, with streets reminiscent of shrines, temples, and the ancient capital of Japan.
The collaboration with celebrities such as Yuki Ota, who won a silver medal in fencing at the Beijing Olympics, and Kiko Mizuhara, who is active as a model and actress, has become a hot topic of conversation.
Oasis KYOTO will be open from Friday, September 30, 2022 to late November 2022.
During the pre-opening period, visitors will be able to tour the pre-opening areas of "Oasis KYOTO," participate in music and fashion events, and chat with other users!


Furthermore, during the pre-opening period, visitors who fulfill certain conditions will receive a special gift.
The conditions for the visitor rewards are as follows

  • Create a wallet
  • Visit Oasis KYOTO
  • Follow the official Oasis Twitter (@Oasis_pj) and tweet images inside Oasis KYOTO with #OasisKYOTO
  • Find the marked object in Oasis KYOTO and fill out the application form

The details of the prize for visitors have not yet been determined, but if you fulfill the conditions, something good may happen to you in the future, so challenge yourself when you experience "Oasis KYOTO.
Admission to "Oasis KYOTO," a near-future city in 2035, is free, so why don't you try it for yourself?
For more information on "Oasis KYOTO," please visit the official Oasis KYOTO website.

Oasis KYOTO Pre-Opening Celebration Event!

To celebrate the pre-opening of Oasis KYOTO, a pre-opening commemorative event will be held in the 23 wards of Tokyo on Friday, October 14, 2022!
This pre-opening commemorative event is the first offline event for the Oasis project, and 30 people will be selected by lottery to participate.
The deadline for application is October 7, 2022 (Fri.) at 12:00 p.m. Please apply now!
Check back for event details, as winners will be notified by email approximately one week prior to the event.
To apply for the Pre-Opening Commemorative Event, you must fill out the application form and follow the official Oasis Twitter (@Oasis_pj ).
For more information about the Oasis KYOTO Pre-Opening Celebration Event, please check the Oasis KYOTO official website.



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