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Coincheck, Japan's largest cryptocurrency exchange, to recruit partners to expand NFT business


Having recently launched Japan's first NFT marketplace Coincheck NFT, Coincheck, Japan's largest exchange, has begun to focus on the NFT business and announced that it will begin recruiting content and IP partners for its NFT business.
The announcement was made on Coincheck's official website and Twitter on April 1 and attracted a great deal of attention.

Coincheck's support isn't just for sales!


Coincheck is looking for partners to support not only the sales on Coincheck ' s current sales platform "Coincheck NFT" and "miime", but also the issuance of NFTs and the creation of NFT use cases.
This is good news for companies that are interested in the NFT business but do not have expertise in blockchain technology!
In the release, the company also stated its ambition to "not only boost the NFT industry from Japan, but also to create a new business model for IP providers."


From Japan to the World?


The official release also mentions the possibility of promoting Japanese anime and manga to people overseas, and funglr Games, a tri-lingual media outlet, will be keeping a close eye on the project's progress.

NFT Business Content and IP Partner Recruitment Guidelines

Application Details
Target Companies/Organizations Manga and animation publishing companies
Game developers and publishers
Companies and organizations that operate sports teams
Entertainment companies
Application form https://forms.gle/8PppDBKHiHv1E2gXA


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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