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"CAPCOM CUP 2020" SFL: World Championship 2020 cancelled

「CAPCOM CUP 2020」「SFL:ワールドチャンピオンシップ 2020」の開催中止が決定

Street Fighter V World Tournament " CAPCOM Pro Tour Online 2020 " Held Online for the First Time
Eighteen online regional tournaments were held and hotly contested around the world, and all tournaments were completed by November 2020.
The winner of each tournament earned the right to participate in the " CAPCOM CUP 2020," the final tournament.
The "Asia-Tohoku Tournament," in which Japanese players could also participate, was held twice, with Umehara(@daigothebeastJP) winning the first tournament and Gachikun(@gachikun0423 ) the second, after a fierce battle.
However, it was announced that the "CAPCOM CUP 2020" and the "Street Fighter League: World Championship" scheduled to be held in February 2021 have been canceled.

Distribution of exhibition matches will be considered.

カプコン ストリートファイターリーグ公式サイト
Capcom Street Fighter League official website
カプコン ストリートファイターリーグ公式サイト

CAPCOM CUP 2020 was scheduled to be held from February 20 (Sat) to February 22 (Mon), 2021 (Japan time), and Street Fighter League: World Championship was scheduled to be held on February 20 (Sat), 2021 in the Dominican Republic. However, in light of the global spread of the new coronavirus, the cancellation of the event has been announced as a matter of utmost priority for the safety of the players.
We are very sorry for the cancellation of the event, but we are looking forward to some exciting offline competition when the coronavirus is under control!
And it is not just canceled.
As an alternative event, an exhibition match featuring the players who have qualified for the "CAPCOM CUP 2020" is being considered! Let's wait for more information!

And since the "Street Fighter League: World Championship" has been cancelled, the "Street F ighter League: Pro-JP 2020 Grand Final" will be held with a portion of the prize money from the "Street Fighter League: World Championship 2020" added to the total. The prize money for the "Street Fighter League : Pro-JP 2020 Grand Final" will be increased to 7 million yen for the first place team and 2.5 million yen for the second place team, making the total prize money over 10 million yen.
The more prize money, the more exciting it will be to watch, and the more motivated the teams will be to compete in a hotly contested tournament!
The Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2020 Grand Final will be held on Saturday, January 30, 2021! Tickets are now on sale for 980 yen (tax not included) for a preview of the tournament, which will be broadcast live!
Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2020 Grand Final" will be joined by special guests Jun Utahiro from Golden Bomber ( @junjunmjgirly), team leader of Team "Mago Scarlett" and a group of fish. Mago(@magotto3), the team leader of Team "Mago Scarlet", will appear on the show! Their commentary will be a must-see!

For more information, please check the official Capcom Street Fighter League website!


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21474「CAPCOM CUP 2020」「SFL:ワールドチャンピオンシップ 2020」の開催中止が決定
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