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No play ticket required this time! "Bomber Girl Conaste" open beta test re-held!

今回はプレーチケット必要無し!「ボンバーガール コナステ」のオープンベータテストが再開催!

Bomberman Girl," an arcade game from Konami's "Bomberman" series, is now playing at game arcades nationwide.
The game can be played on a large screen that only an arcade machine can provide, and it is also a very popular machine at arcades where it can be enjoyed in a way that sets it apart from other Bomberman series games, such as cooperating with friends and using the "start button" to finish off a player.
However, it is also true that it is difficult to play Bomberman in public because of the attractive characters and the extreme effects. A little embarrassing!
Bomber Girl" for the PC version of "KONASTE" is under development, and an open beta test was finally started in January 2021, but... there was a problem with the online battles, and the game was cancelled without being able to play properly. However, there was a problem with the online battles, and the test was cancelled without being able to play properly.
The open beta test was to be held again at a later date, but it has been about 10 months since the test was cancelled.
Now, after 10 months, the open beta test of "Bomber Girl KONASTE" has been rescheduled!

【悲報】PC版「ボンバーガール コナステ」のオープンベータテストが中止

No play tickets needed! Let's play!

"ボンバーガール コナステ"オープンベータテスト
Bomber Girl KONASTE" Open Beta Test

The open beta test of "Bomber Girl Konaste" has started from Monday, November 1, 2021 to Thursday, November 4, 2021 at 5: 00 pm!
I know many of you will be off for Culture Day on Wednesday, November 3, so you can play all day long!
Even though we are going to play around, in the last open beta test, 5 play tickets were needed to play 1 game.
We were given 10 play tickets for 2 plays, but after that we had to purchase play tickets, so we had to consult with our wallets .
During the open beta test, you can play "Bomber Girl Konaste" for as long as you want, as long as you can afford the traffic! Fat!
Please note that since this is an open beta test, startup stamps and gachas will not be available, and Bomber Girl and her skills will not be acquired.
Also, please note that maintenance will be conducted from 5:00am to 7:00am daily, and if you enter the maintenance time while playing, you will not be able to save your play data or be matched in online battles.

In order to participate in the open beta test, you will need a KONAMI ID and download the installer.
Please note that this is different from the previous open beta test, so even previous participants will need to download a new installer.
Also, please check the system requirements beforehand and make sure that your PC is up to the specs that will allow you to play the game comfortably!

In order to reward the Konami staff for their hard work in rescheduling the test for the end of the year, let's play the "Bomber Girl Konaste" open beta test and fill out the survey to help the official launch of the service!
For more details, please check the official website of "Bomber Girl KONASTE"!


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