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"Blade and Soul" latest update "Taido - Kei~" will be released from October 13th!


Blade and Soul ", which cost NCSOFT 5 billion yen to produce, is a blockbuster RPG that allows players to experience the exhilaration of PC operation through the actions and speedy skill strikes of each of the 12 basic professions.
The latest "Blade and Soul" update, " Fetal Movement - Kei ", will be released on October 13th (Wed.) at the scheduled maintenance time.
In conjunction with the latest update, a special site for the "Fetal Movement ~Kei~" has been opened to the public since October 8 (Fri.).

The latest update "Tentative Movement - Kei" is now available!

Latest Update "Tentative Movement - Kei" (Japanese only)

Following the September update, which introduced the new game engine "Unreal Engine 4" and the new profession of "dual-sword wielder," the October "Tentative Movement - Kei" update will bring a variety of new content to the game!

  • New Ancient Dungeon "Sky Drifting Ship
  • New ranking system for the "Sky Drifter", "Seimaroku".
  • New character enhancement system "Seal

Nomadic Ship in the Sky

The new ancient dungeon "Sky Drifter" is an ancient dungeon with 80 levels of difficulty and the "Seimeiroku" ranking system.
Success in conquering this dungeon will increase the influence of the chi of chaos, allowing you to challenge higher levels of difficulty.


The new "Seal" system, which is used to strengthen characters, changes the combat style of "Blade and Soul".
The combination of seals changes the combat style, and can strengthen a specific role or complement a missing role, making it an important system for advancing in the game.

Epic Quest Act 11 finally concludes.

Epic Quest

The long-awaited main story update, the conclusion of Epic Quest Act 11, "Blackened Paradise," which has been released since June 2020, will be implemented at the same time as the scheduled maintenance on October 13.

The main character arrives at the Immortal Realm in pursuit of the whereabouts of the god of war.
He is guided to the library of reincarnation by a spirit animal he met by chance, where he learns of the beginning of the tragedy...
The characters of the past and present who meet in the Sacred World.
The eleventh act finally comes to a conclusion.


Product Details

Title Blade and Soul
Compatibility PC
Price Free to play

Keep an eye out for new dungeons, new systems, and other new content that will be implemented in the October 13 update.
In addition, this main story update, the first since June 2020, is the conclusion of the 11th act of Epic Quest, so there will be many people eagerly awaiting it.
The update will be available from Wednesday, October 13, after the scheduled maintenance.
For more information on the latest update, please visit the official Brave and Soul website and the "Founder's Movement - Kei" special site.


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