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You can get 1,000 yen in cash with your first deposit! Bitbank "First Deposit Program" Launched!


bitbank ", a virtual currency exchange operated by Bitbank Corporation, established in May 2014 for the purpose of recovering crypto assets.
bitbank has launched its "First Deposit Program" on Thursday, September 14, 2022, offering 1,000 yen in cash for those who newly start trading crypto assets.


Enter and receive 1,000 yen in cash!

はじめてのご入金プログラムPR TIMES

The "First Time Deposit Program" started on September 14, 2022 (Thursday), and you will receive 1,000 yen in cash when you deposit 10,000 yen or more into your BitBank account.
To participate in the program, please fill out the dedicated form and submit it to your Bitbank account by the end of the month in which you entered the program. Deposit 10,000 Japanese yen or more Then, your participation is complete.
Please note that only the first deposit to your Bitbank account is eligible for this program. Please note that those who have a history of previous deposits or deposits made in currencies other than Japanese yen will not be eligible for the program.
You will be notified by email about the gift deposits generated by this campaign approximately the following month after you have entered the program, so please make sure you receive your email.

This is a great program for those who have been thinking about starting a virtual currency business.
For more information on Bitbank's "First Deposit Program," please visit the official Bitbank website.

First Deposit Program Overview
Details After completing the entry form, anyone who makes a deposit of 10,000 Japanese yen or more into their Bitbank account for the first time will receive 1,000 yen in cash as a free gift.
Program Eligibility The program is only available to those who have completed the entry form and have deposited at least 10,000 Japanese yen by the end of the month in which they entered the program.
First-time Japanese Yen depositors are eligible for the program.


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