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"BLAZBLUE ALTERNAATIAVE DARKWAR" "Granblue Fantasy" collaboration event will be held from September 30!

9月30日より「BLAZBLUE ALTERNAATIAVE DARKWAR」「グランブルーファンタジー」コラボイベント開催!

Arc System Works, Inc. will hold a collaboration event with " BLAZBLUE ALTERNATIVE DARKWAR," a social game co-produced by Cygames, Inc. and its subsidiary CyDesignation, Inc. The collaboration event with " Granblue Fantasy ", a social game co-produced by Cygames, Inc. and its subsidiary CyDesignation, Inc. will be held from September 30, 2021 (Thursday).



The first "BLAZBLUE ALTERNATIVE DARKWAR" collaboration event with "Granblue Fantasy" will be held from September 30 after maintenance.
In this event, familiar characters from "Granblue Fantasy" will join the world of "BLAZBLUE ALTERNATIVE DARKWAR" to play through a large volume of scenarios.
In addition, there will be exclusive rewards available to all participants.
In addition, "BLAZBLUE ALTERNATIVE DARKWAR" will hold its first ranking-style event.

New collaboration characters "Narumea" and "Thorn" are joining the game!

Narumea (CV: M・A・O)
ソーン(CV:皆口 裕子)
Thorn (CV: Yuko Minaguchi)

In addition to the recently announced Zita, "Narumea" (CV: M・A・O) and "Thorn" (CV: Yuko Minaguchi) will appear in the collaboration event.
(CV: M・A・O) and "Thorn" (CV: Yuko Minaguchi) will be joining the collaboration event!
Popular characters from "Granblue Fantasy" will appear with freshly drawn illustrations and deformed battle graphics.

Narumea (CV: M・A・O)

Narumea (CV: M・A・O)

A master swordsman born into a family that has mastered all aspects of the martial arts.
He is a swordsman who pursues strength through dedicated study.
He is calm and cool in battle, but at heart he is a good-natured, caring person who loves those he recognizes and learns from like a puppy.

Thorn (CV: Yuko Minaguchi)

ソーン(CV:皆口 裕子)
Thorn (CV: Yuko Minaguchi)

A member of the Ten Heavenly Generals and the best archer in the sky, Thorn is known as the "Threat to the Sky.
She is a natural hunter who uses her eyes that can see for miles, her magic bow that shoots magic arrows, and her flight magic to kill her prey.
Because of her power, she has been isolated in the past, and longs to be a normal girl who gets along with her friends.

The official live broadcast "Ururabo" will be held on September 27th (Mon.)!

Just before the collaboration event, a live broadcast program "Urlabo : BBDW Management Letter " will be distributed on the official Arc System Works YouTube channel from 20:00 on September 27 (Mon.).
The program will be full of detailed information about the collaboration event with "Granblue Fantasy".

Countdown Log-in Bonus for "Granblue Fantasy" Collaboration!

Countdown Log-in Bonus

A countdown bonus campaign for the "Granblue Fantasy" collaboration is currently underway.
You can receive in-game items every day until September 30 (Thursday), depending on the number of days you log in.

The event will be held from the end of maintenance on September 30, 2021.
Many people are looking forward to this collaboration between "BLAZBLUE ALTERNATIVE DARKWAR" and "Granblue Fantasy".
From now on, let's get excited about "BLAZBLUE ALTERNATIVE DARKWAR" and "Granblue Fantasy" through login bonuses and the official live broadcast "UruLabo"!
Even if you have never played before, why don't you take this opportunity to download and play?


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