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Bauhutte holds a review campaign! Also for reviews of bad clothes!


Bauhutte is a gaming furniture brand that has introduced numerous gaming products to the world.
Bauhutte sells not only desks and chairs, but also chairs, wagons, and " damegi " blankets, which are used around the desk and are specialized for gaming.
Bauhutte's products are designed for gaming, but that doesn't mean they are only useful for gaming.
They are designed for gamers who sit and play games for long periods of time, and they are also suitable for telecommuters.
We have started a campaign where you can win a Bauhutte product by submitting a review of the Bauhutte product!

ヘッドレスト・座面・アームレストがグレードアップした次世代ゲーミングチェア Bauhutte「G-530」発売!

The "Leisurely Telework Fest" is now open!

Leisurely Telework Fest

This review campaign is titled "Leisurely Telework Fest," and as the name suggests, Bauhutte's gaming furniture, which is also ideal for teleworking, is the subject of reviews and pri zes.
The products up for review are

  • Damekit 4GW Heater HFD-4GW
  • Gaming Wearable Blanket Damekit 4G HFD-4G
  • Damekit 2020 HFD-BS
  • Gaming Blanket Wata Tank BHB-1600
  • G-350 Gaming Sofa Chair
  • Gaming Sofa Chair GX-350
  • Gaming Chair G-530
  • Gaming Chair GX-530
  • Gaming Chair G-550
  • GX-550 Gaming Chair

The G-530 G aming Chair, the GX-530 Gaming Chair and the HFD-4GW Damekit 4GW Heater are also eligible for the giveaway.

And the winners of the giveaways are...

  • Carpet type chair mat for each desk BCM-160C - 2 winners
  • Energy Wagon BHS-430EW - 2 winners
  • Gaming Ottoman Wide BOT-700 - 2 winners
  • Tripod Rack DDS545-BK (brother brand product) - 4 winners
  • W Chance: Glowing USB Cable - 30 winners

That's 5 products!
All of these are products that I'd love to use in combination with the products we're reviewing, so you'll have to enter!

And if you follow the official Bauhutte Twitter and retweet the campaign tweets, your chances of winning are doubled!
You have to retweet this!

The campaign will run until Monday, January 18, 2021! For more information on the campaign, please visit the official Bauhutte website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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