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Bauhutte's First Crowdfunding! The domestic gaming chair project is up and running!


Since playing games often requires sitting for long periods of time, it is better to have a comfortable chair that is comfortable and reduces the strain on the body.
That is why gaming chairs are in very high demand, not only by gamers but also by desk workers who sit for long hours at work and love to use them at work.
Various manufacturers offer gaming chairs in a variety of shapes, materials and sizes, but it is rare to see a " domestically produced " gaming chair. Even Japanese manufacturers sometimes manufacture their chairs in overseas factories.
Japan is world-renowned for its high level of technology, but there are difficulties in terms of cost and price.
However, Bauhutte, a long-established gaming furniture manufacturer, seems to be taking on this challenge.
Bauhutte is launching a domestic gaming chair project!

ヘッドレスト・座面・アームレストがグレードアップした次世代ゲーミングチェア Bauhutte「G-530」発売!

The project will be launched on MAKUAKE in early November!

Bauhutte 国産ゲーミングチェアプロジェクト
Bauhutte Domestic Gaming Chair Project
Bauhutte 国産ゲーミングチェアプロジェクト

Bauhutte ' s domestic gaming chair project will be launched as Bauhutte's first crowdfunding project.
With the cooperation of a long-established car seat manufacturer that has supported the promotion of the Japanese automobile industry, a domestically produced premium gaming chair will be manufactured with the utmost attention to comfort and quality.

Bauhutte 国産ゲーミングチェアプロジェクト

This project is scheduled to start in early November 2022 on the crowdfunding service " MAKUAKE ", and the latest information will be updated on Bauhutte's domestic gaming chair project Twitter account(@bauhutte_cf ).
The Twitter account will be used to provide details, behind-the-scenes stories, and support plans (pricing information), as well as to announce the start date and time of the project, and there will also be an early bird discount plan with limited quantities, so following the account is a must!
For more information on the current announcements, please check the Japanese Gaming Chair Project page on Bauhutte's official website!

Win a Dame Kimono! Project Launch Campaign!

Bauhutte Domestic Gaming Chair Project Launch Campaign
Bauhutte 国産ゲーミングチェアプロジェクト

To celebrate the launch of the domestic gaming chair project, we have started a follow & RT campaign to win a " Dame-Ki 4G " gaming blanket!
With electricity bills on the rise, a Damegai is a great way to keep warm this winter.
The "Damegai 4G" blanket in size M, L, and XL will be given away to three winners in total, one each from the participants.
To participate, follow both the Bauhutte Twitter account (@bauhutte) and the project Twitter account (@bauhutte_cf) and retweet the following campaign tweet.

After retweeting, fill out the questionnaire including the size you want and send it to theapplication form to complete your application!
The recommended height for size M is 150-165cm, size L is 165-175cm, and size XL is 175-185cm, so use that as a reference when applying!
Entries will be accepted until 23:59 on Wednesday, October 26, 2022!
For more details, please check the special Follow & RT Campaign page!


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