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Bauhutte joins Black Friday! "Bad wearing 4GW heater" appeared at a surprising price!


As we approach the end of November 2021, the morning and evening temperatures are getting colder and colder in Tokyo.
The author, who is sensitive to cold weather, puts on Bauhutte's " Damegi 4G Lite " in the editorial office of funglr Games and uses the heating system at home.
However, using the heater too much can be expensive in terms of electricity, and if the room temperature rises too high, the gaming PC may heat up and lose performance.
For those of you who have the same problem, Bauhutte is participating in Amazon's Black Friday!
Bauhutte is participating in Amazon's Black Friday sale, and the warmest item in the history of "Damegai" is now available at a bargain price!

Limited quantities of "Damekit 4GW Heater" are available at a special price!

Bauhutte "Amazon Black Friday" Special Time Sale

Bauhutte is participating in the Amazon Black Friday special time sale for the first time! The featured product is the "Damekit 4GW Heater" at a special price !
The "Damekit 4GW Heater" is the top-of-the-line, warmest model in the "Damekit" series of gaming blankets, with a built-in heater that runs on a mobile battery.
It is equipped with two electric heaters that can be adjusted in three levels, so even if there is a big cold wave, you may be able to get by without heating with the "Damekit 4GW Heater"...if only you have it!
You can read more about the "Damekit 4GW Heater" in our previous article on funglr Games!

あのダメ着にヒーターが搭載されて究極進化!「ダメ着4GW ヒーターHFD-4GW」登場!

In the Amazon Black Friday special time sale, the XL size of the "Damekit 4GW Heater" is now 19% off, from 17,600 yen (including tax) to 14,283 yen (including tax)!
The L size is 15,800 yen (including tax) → 12,640 yen (including tax), a 20% discount, and the M size is 15,600 yen (including tax) → 11,693 yen (including tax), a 25% discount!
It's not often you can get such a great deal on a popular dame's outfit, so if you've been wondering about it, this is quite a chance for you!
Recommended height is 150cm-165cm for size M, 165cm-175cm for size L, and 175cm-185cm for size XL, but the tight fit may make the toilet system tight while wearing it.
If you are in the latter half of the recommended height range, you may want to buy one size up.

Toilet system with clothes on

The bargain-priced "Dame-Kimono 4GW Heater" is available in limited quantities! The offer will expire as soon as the stock runs out!
Let's get through the coming even colder Japanese winter with the warmest "Damegit 4GW Heater" ever!
The sale will last until 23:59, Thursday, December 2, 2021.
For more details, please check the "Amazon Black Friday" special page on Bauhutte's official website!

The more you post, the more prizes you can win! Hashtag Campaign!

Hashtag Campaign for "#Damekitashi Only Wins!

Bauhutte is now holding a hashtag campaign on its official Twitter page, "#Damekitu wa shikkidan" (#Damekitu is the only way to win ).
Anyone can participate in this campaign by taking a photo of their D amegi and posting it on Twitter with the hashtag " #Damegi Only Winner " to complete your entry!
And since you can enter as many times as you like, post a photo of you in a variety of situations!
As for the prizes, the more hashtags you post, the more prizes you will win!
If you post less than 50 photos, 10 people will win a "Glowing USB Cable"; if you post more than 50, 5 people will win a "Washable Long Pillow BHB-1000P-BK" from Bauhutte.
For 100 or more, three winners will receive Bauhutte's "Energy Wagon BHS-430EW-BK ". 300 or more will win a Bauhutte "Gaming Sofa BHB-180", and so on and so forth! The number of prizes will increase!

Prizes for the "#Damekitashi Only Wins" Hashtag Campaign

As you see "and more... If the number of submissions continues to increase after 300, more prizes may be added...!
Let's fill up your Twitter timeline with images and hashtags of the Dame Kimono and win gorgeous prizes!
For more details on the campaign, including the terms and conditions of entry, please visit the "#Damekitoshimashikitan " hashtag campaign page!


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