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Go see a guy stronger than a cat! Street Fighter V Champion Edition × Nyanko Great War Collaboration Event Starts!

ネコより強いやつに会いに行け!ストリートファイターV チャンピオンエディション × にゃんこ大戦争コラボイベントスタート!

Ponos Inc. presents " The Battle Cats," a tower defense game featuring cute kitten characters.
The Battle Cats has collaborated with a wide variety of games, and in November 2019, it collaborated with CAPCOM's Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, a milestone in fighting games.
It has been a year since the highly successful "Street Fighter V Arcade Edition". The Street Fighter V collaboration event will be held again.
The collaboration event between The Battle Cats and "Street Fighter V Champion Edition" started on Monday, November 2, 2020 at 11:00am !

ネコより強いやつに会いに行く!にゃんこ大戦争 × ストV CEのコラボイベント開催決定!

New characters will be added to the collaboration gacha!

The previous collaboration was with "Street Fighter V Arcade Edition", and this time it will be with "Street Fighter V Champion Edition".
The collaboration has been upgraded, and in the "Street Fighter V Champion Edition" gacha, new characters have been added in addition to the ones that appeared in the previous gacha!

"ストリートファイターV チャンピオンエディション"ガチャ
Street Fighter V Champion Edition Gacha

The "Street Fighter V Champion Edition" gacha will feature the following characters: M. Bison, Sagat, Vega, Balrog, Edmond Honda, the extremely rare Neko Mondo Honda, and the rare &. quot;Neko M. Bison," "Neko Sagat," "Neko Vega," and "Neko Balrog," making a total of 10 new characters!
In addition, "Ryu" will have a new third form, and he will look like that...!
Secret fighters will also make an appearance...!
Get the fighters you can only get here!

Limited collaboration stage where you can meet the fighters stronger than cats!

The limited collaboration stage featuring characters from "Street Fighter V Champion Edition" has started!

Limited Collaboration Stage

In the collaboration stage " Street Fighter ", you will face off against powerful fighters from all over the world, just like in the original "Street Fighter II".
The " New Challenger " collaboration stage is a special guerrilla stage where characters from "Street Fighter V Champion Edition" randomly appear.
Winning each collaboration stage will earn you a limited collaboration character, so keep challenging!
After defeating four challengers, a mysterious strong enemy will appear. Winning will give you a chance to get a "Limited Rare Character "!
Both collaboration stages have been renewed with new stages in addition to the previous "Street Fighter V Arcade Edition" collaboration!

Meet the stronger than cats among the rankings!

Ranking Event "Meet the Stronger Than Me"!

The collaboration limited time ranking event " Meet the Stronger Than Me" will be held in the Neko Dojo "Ranking Room"!
Many characters from "Street Fighter V Champion Edition" will appear in this event to test your skills.
Many characters from "Street Fighter V Champion Edition" will appear in this event to test your skills.

Limited Login Stamp Campaign during the collaboration period!

Login Stamp Campaign

Log in during the collaboration period and you will receive one stamp per day.
If you log in for 5 days and accumulate 5 stamp s, you will get the collaboration limited EX character "Neko Chun-Li"!
Log in every day to get it immediately!

The "Take a bath before you fight" campaign is now open!

You are more likely to get better results if you clear your head before challenging a game.
And a bath is the best way to refresh yourself ! That's why we have started the "Go to the bath before you fight" present campaign, in which you can win a limited collaboration bath set!

"Take a bath before you fight" present campaign

To participate, simply follow The Battle Cats Twitter(@PONOS_GAME) and retweet the campaign tweets!
One hundred participants will be selected by drawing to win a bath set that includes an eco-bag and towel in a limited collaboration design that can only be obtained here.
The image is just an image, but I hope the towel design will be the same. I want it super bad!
Retweet now for your chance!

A collaboration of champions!

The collaboration event between The Battle Cats and Street Fighter V Champion Edition is a big step up from the previous collaboration with Arcade Edition, and the content is worthy of the Champion Edition name.
There are a lot of limited characters, so you'll just have to play the game to complete it!
The collaboration period is from today, Monday, November 2, 2020 to Monday, November 16, 2020 at 10:59 pm for two weeks! Let's go meet the one stronger than cats!
For more details, please check the official website Nyanko Portal!


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