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"Nyanko Great War" is a collaboration decision with "Godzilla"! Twitter planning around the world also started


Ponos Corporation's popular tower defense game " The Battle Cats "
The Battle Cats" has recently surpassed 59 million downloads worldwide and is on track to reach the 60 million download mark.
A campaign to commemorate the 59 million downloads, in which players can receive 20 Nekokan every day, is currently being held until May 24, 2021 (Monday) at 10:59 a.m., so if you have been wondering about the game, now is the time to get started!
Now, to celebrate the upcoming 60 million downloads, a new collaboration has been announced!
The collaboration event with "Godzilla," Japan's world-famous King of Monsters, has been decided!


Godzilla vs.

ゴジラ対にゃんこ キービジュアル
Godzilla vs. Nyanko Key Visual

The collaboration event between "The Battle Cats" and "Godzilla" will be held from Monday, June 7, 2021 (11:00) to Monday, June 21, 2021 (10:59).
Along with the announcement of the event, a key visual was unveiled, and it was expected to be a serious " Godzilla vs. Nyanko " reminiscent of "Nippon vs. Godzilla" in the blockbuster movie " Shin Godzilla ". But...............when kitten is added, the atmosphere softens.
Let's wait for more information on what kind of collaboration event it will be!

Nyan Cat and Godzilla are going to tour the world!

In preparation for the "Godzilla vs. Nyanko" collaboration event, the official Twitter account in charge of The Battle Cats(@PONOS_GAME ) has started a " 22 Days Later, Godzilla " campaign!

22 days later, welcome Godzilla!

This means that for 22 days from May 16, 2021 (Sunday) to June 6, 2021 (Sunday), the day before the collaboration event, images of Nyanko and Godzilla visiting somewhere in the world will be shown.
On May 16, 2021 (Sunday), the first day of the event, Godzilla visits Hong Kong, the setting of the upcoming movie "Godzilla vs. Kong," and on May 17, 2021 (Monday), he visits the Philippine Sea, where his cocoon was discovered in the Hollywood version of "Godzilla.
The final destination is Kyoto, the birthplace of "The Battle Cats," where Godzilla and his cat, Nyan, are on an unusual road trip.
Follow The Battle Cats twitter (@PONOS_GAME) to find out where they will visit next!


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