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Evangelion's collaboration event × The Nyanko Great War! There is no doubt that you will want to comp with the addition of new characters!


The Battle Cats is back again with another collaborative event.
That's right, the popular anime " Evangelion " has come to The Battle Cats.
In this article, we will take a closer look at the details of the newly added collaboration event between The Battle Cats and Evangelion.

Ultra-rare characters, such as the Messenger, will appear in the gacha!

The Battle Cats×エヴァコラボ ガチャイメージThe Battle Cats公式サイト

The highlight of this year's event will be the release of ultra-rare characters, such as the "Enforcer," in the collaboration gacha.
In addition to the characters that have appeared in previous collaborations, new limited edition characters, such as the "Envoy," will be available for purchase.
For example, the 4th emissary, one of the most popular among Eva fans, the 6th emissary, the 9th emissary, and the 10th emissary have been added.
In addition to the 4th apostle, the 6th apostle, the 9th apostle, and the 10th apostle have been added to the list of characters that are limited to both Evangelion and Evangelion 2nd Gacha, so be sure to get them.

Limited collaboration stages will also appear!

The Battle Cats×エヴァコラボ ステージ詳細The Battle Cats公式サイト

In addition to the release of the collaboration gacha, the limited collaboration stage will also make a reappearance in the form of a reprint.
In addition to the stages that appeared in the previous collaboration event, a higher level of difficulty has been added, so those who have already played the stages in the previous event will be able to play them again with a fresh perspective.
For example, there is a chance to get " Chibi Shinji " by clearing stage 1, and a gimmick to get a large amount of XP in stage 2.
If you are a fan of Eva, don't miss this event where you can enjoy the world of Eva while developing your character.

Limited Campaign in progress

The Battle Cats×エヴァコラボ ログイン報酬The Battle Cats公式サイト

Along with the reprinting of the collaborationgacha and thelimited collaboration stage, a campaign is also underway in which users can earn exclusive stamps just by logging in.
If you log in for 5 days and collect 5 stamps, you will get the limited collaboration characters " Nekogendou & Neko Fuyutsuki ".
The characters look serious, but their gentle impression is irresistible, and you can't help but get them.
There is also a limited area called "Gamatoto Expedition," where you can get many items, so you should play this area as well.
The collaboration event will only be held from January 18 to February 1, 2021, so get ready for the arrival of the messengers now!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.