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Collaboration event of "Nyanko Great War" × "Bikkuriman" starts!


Ponos Inc. presents " The Battle Cats," a tower defense game featuring cute kitten characters.
Recently, the legendary collaboration event "New Nyanko Geryon" was re-released for a limited time, and many other events have been held to appeal to people in their 30's. This time, Lotte's popular chocolate candy " Bikkuriman " Devil vs. This time, a collaboration event commemorating the 35th anniversary of Lotte's popular chocolate confectionery "Bikkuriman" has started!

BICKYRIMAN" is still loved by people to this day!

"The Battle Cats"×"ビックリマン"コラボ
The Battle Cats" x "Bikkuriman" Collaboration

As you can see from the "35th anniversary of the Devil vs. Angel series," the generation that will be directly affected by this event is people in their late 30s or older.
Bikkuriman" is still collaborating with various works, but it all started here.
Nowadays, many of the stickers from those days are at a premium, but I loved " Herculist " so much that I stuck the "Herculist" sticker I won on my study desk... because I loved it so much.
If I had kept it, it would have been at a premium....
I'm going to get the " Herculist " that will never come back at The Battle Cats!

Get the heads in the limited collaboration gacha!

The "Bikkuriman" gacha, which features characters from the collaboration, is now open!

Bickleman" Gacha

In this collaboration, " Shaman Khan " and " Ali Baba, the God of War " newly joined the game! In addition, "Super Zeus" and "Super Devil" have a third form with a 35th anniversary limited design!
As in the previous collaboration event, secret heads will also appear...!
Get the stickers you didn't get back then, or the stickers you stuck on your study desk, at The Battle Cats!

The collaboration's limited stage is here!

The limited collaboration stage featuring characters from "Bikkuriman" has also started!

Bickleman" collaboration limited stage

The collaboration stages that have been held in the past have been reissued and will appear again.
Let's see how the world of Bikkuriman will be recreated in The Battle Cats!

Two New Collaboration Assault Events!

To commemorate this collaboration, a new collaboration-only raid event will be held!

Collaboration limited assault event

During the collaboration period, "Demon Raid! stage and " Angel Assault! stages will appear during the collaboration period.
The maximum stage level is 20!
You can get rewards for clearing each stage, so let's keep on challenging!

Collaboration limited event gacha!

Collaboration limited event gacha

During the event period, a collaboration limited event gacha will appear when you tap the banner from the " Nyan Cat Gacha " button that appears in the Neko Base.
The event gacha is a "Bikkuriman Chocolate! The event gacha can be turned in with the " Bikkuriman Chocolates " obtained by clearing the "Bikkuriman Chocolates!" stage.
This time, a new limited EX character "Jack Tengo Otoko" will join the event, so be sure to get him!

Collaboration illustration by Mr. Yoshihiko Takemura!

To commemorate this collaboration, a new collaboration illust ration by Yoshihiko Takemura, the creator of the manga version of "Bikkuriman" that was serialized in the monthly comic magazine Corocoro from 1987 to 1990, has been released!

Collaboration illustration by Yoshihiko Takemura

The illustration is a gorgeous illustration of kittens in the pop touch of the manga version of "Bikkuriman".
A making-of video of the drawing has also been released! It is a rare opportunity to see the making of the illustrations, so be sure to check it out!

The collaboration event is now underway!

The collaboration event between "The Battle Cats" and "Bikkuriman" will run until Monday, July 27, 2020 at 10:59 pm!
Let's go around clearing event stages while reminiscing the memories of the "BIGGLE MAN" boom of those days!
Please check the Nyanko Portal for more details!
Nyanko TV " about this event has also been uploaded, so be sure to check it out as well!


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