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The first Q anniversary event of "Nyanko Great War" is being held from Monday, November 15!


The Battle Cats," the flagship app of Ponos, Inc., has surpassed 64 million downloads as of October 2021 since its launch on iOS, and the momentum is still going strong! All of the kittens that appear in the game are adorable.
The Battle Cats" celebrated its 9th anniversary since its release on November 15, 2012 (Thursday) as an app for smartphones. Congratulations!
To celebrate, the first "Q Anniversary Event" will be held on Monday, November 15, 2021 at 11:00 a.m.!
The Q Anniversary Event will be held from Monday, November 15, 2021 at 11:00 to Monday, December 27, 2021 at 10:59.
Be sure to join us!

Introducing the first Q Anniversary Event!

Q Anniversary "Nyan Cat Slot"!

Go to the cat base screen to turn it on!

During this period, "Nyan Cat Slot" will be available, where you can win more than 900 N ekocan.
You will have to wait and see how many Nekocans you can win after you spin the slot! The result depends on the pattern you get, so challenge yourself and get as many Nekokan as you can!

Nyan Cat Slot" Period (tentative)

November 15, 2021 (Monday) 11:00 - November 28, 2021 (Sunday) 23:59

"The Battle Cats Ultra Quiz" Q1!

A total of 5 Qs will be added every week, and you can win gorgeous prizes by solving the Qs!

Who is inside the box? The "Q1. Contents of the Box Quiz" stage and mission are now available!
Clear the limited stage to get the event gacha ticket "Hatena Box" and win the 4 unidentified characters!

Q Anniversary! Now you can get a "Platinum Ticket" that guarantees you a super rare character!

Platinum Ticket

During this period, there will be a Q Anniversary mission where you can get a Platinum Ticket by clearing the first chapter of the "Japan Chapter". Even if you have already cleared the first chapter, you can get the ticket, so please check it out.

Q Anniversary Mission" Period (tentative)

November 15, 2021 (Monday) 11:00 - December 27, 2021 (Monday) 23:59

Other Q Anniversary stages will appear one after another!

Check it every week and don't miss out on items and more!

The "Metakuma of the Great Counterattack" where you can get Nyanko tickets for clearing the stage and the "Super Geri Experience Special" where you can get a large amount of experience will be held.
Other limited events will be held sequentially. For details, check the announcement page in the "Nyanko Senso" application.

A large number of special events are now available!

A great chance to play "Nyanko Daisenso" at a great price!

A big discount on the first use of rare gachas will be offered!
Also, the number of Nekokan required to purchase "EX" characters will be halved during the event!
In addition, the required leadership power for the "Japan", "Future", and "Space" editions are also halved!
We definitely want to make the most of this!

Celebration Stage "Birthday Present! "

Log in every day!

You will get 20 Nekocan for every stage you clear!
During the event period, the stage will reappear every day at midnight, so you can get a large amount of Nekokan by clearing the stage every day!
Combined with the Login Stamp Campaign, you can get up to 900 Nekokan!
That's so generous it's almost worrisome...!

There are plenty of other events going on as well, so check out the "Nyanko Senso" app's announcement page for details.
In commemoration of the 9th anniversary, various campaigns related to "Q" are planned outside the game as well... !
The Battle Cats" Q anniversary special site is now open.
Don't miss out on the campaigns that will be unveiled in the future!


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The World of Battle Cats
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Celebrated 8th Anniversary! The First Nyanko War 8th Anniversary Event!
Celebrated 8th Anniversary! The First Nyanko War 8th Anniversary Event!...

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