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Cat Wars surpasses 71 million and 72 million downloads! The commemorative event "Super Download Memorial Festival" starts!

にゃんこ大戦争が7100万 & 7200万ダウンロードを突破!記念イベント「超ダウンロード記念祭」がスタート!

The Battle Cats " by Ponos Inc. will celebrate 9 years and 6 months on May 15, 2022 after its service launch on November 15, 2012.
In an industry where countless game apps start and end their services at a rapid pace, there are few titles that have been loved by players for such a long period of time.
The Battle Cats" has finally surpassed the 70 million download mark by the end of March 2022, and is showing a great deal of excitement with various in-game events, real events, new merchandise, etc., in preparation for its " 9-1/2 Year Anniversary ", but it is also expected to increase its downloads to 71 million! The Battle Cats" has been downloaded more than 71 million times, surpassing 72 million downloads!
The commemorative event " Super Download Anniversary Festival " has started!

Clear the stage together to get tickets!

Super Download Anniversary Challenge

The first part of the limited-time commemorative event "Super-Download Commemorative Festival," which will be held to celebrate "The Battle Cats" exceeding 71 million and 72 million downloads respectively, started on May 9, 2022 (Monday )!
Among the many events being held, the highlight event will be the "Super-Download Anniversary Challenge.
During the period, for every 10 million times a player clears a stage, a "kitten ticket " or a " rare ticket" will be given as a present. This is a generous event where you can get up to 4 "Nyan Cat Tickets" and 3 "Rare Tickets" for a total of 7 tickets!
However, depending on the difficulty level of the target stage, you may be worried that you will not be able to clear as many stages as you would like, right?
Don't worry! All stages are eligible! You can play the stage that suits you best!
The latest clear status will be posted on the official Twitter account of The Battle Cats(@PONOS_GAME ) every weekday, so check the status and cooperate with everyone to clear 71 million times!

Lots of gifts and events!

The "Super Download Anniversary Challenge" alone will be a lot of fun, but it doesn't end there since the game has been downloaded 71 million times and 72 million times!
There will be plenty of gifts and events!

Super Download Anniversary
  • Chance to win up to 100 Nekokan! The "Puchiyanko Scratch Lottery" is here!
  • Fight against the oncoming storms! Cyclone Festival!
  • The Battle Cats" collaboration stage for Nintendo 3DS is back! Scoring rewards are back!
  • Chance to get a lot of Nyan Cat Tickets! NyanTicket☆Festival" will be held!
  • Chance to get a lot of experience! Super Experience Special" will be held!
  • Event stage with Nyanko Cannon development material drops! Guerrilla Excavation Festival" will be held!
  • Launch "The Battle Cats" application during the event period and you will receive 20 Nekocans every day!

It is surprising that the "Super Download Anniversary Festival" is the first event with such a wide variety of events.
We are expecting a lot of events to come in the next few weeks, such as the second "9 and 1/2 Year Anniversary," so be sure to launch "The Battle Cats" right away and check out the first "Super Download Anniversary" event!
For more information on "The Battle Cats", please visit the Nyanko Portal!


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