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Amazing over 62 million downloads! A commemorative event will be held at "Nyanko Great War"!


Ponos Inc.'s popular tower defense game " The Battle Cats
While it is an extremely long-established smartphone application that was launched in November 2012, it has been eagerly holding numerous updates and various collaborations, and in June 2021, it finally surpassed 60 million downloads worldwide! In June 2021, it finally surpassed 60 million downloads worldwide, and just as we thought it had done so, in July 2021, it surpassed 61 million downloads.
Then, about a month after surpassing 61 million downloads, "The Battle Cats" was released. The Battle Cats" has surpassed 62 million downloads worldwide! Congratulations!

To celebrate the 62 millionth download, we have decided to hold a commemorative event!

A very special commemorative event will be held!

62 Million Downloads Commemorative Event

To commemorate the 62 millionth download of "The Battle Cats", a limited time commemorative event will be held in "The Battle Cats"!
The event will run for two weeks from Friday, August 6, 2021 (11:00am) to Friday, August 20, 2021 (10:59am), and will feature many events and special gifts!

  • The "Moon Event All Stars" stage will be held! Chance to get a large amount of experience by clearing the stage!
  • Chance to get a lot of Nyan Cat Tickets! NyanTicket☆Festival" will be held!
  • Event stage with Nyanko Cannon development material drops! Guerrilla Excavation Festival" will be held!
  • "Trefest☆Festival" will be held! For a limited time, the appearance rate of treasures in the Japan, Future, and Space editions will be greatly increased!
  • Launch "The Battle Cats" application during the event period and you will receive 20 Nekocans every day!

There are many other events in addition to the above, so please check the announcement page in the app for details.
Students will be on summer vacation, and those who have not been playing for a while or have been away from the game for a while will have a chance to play!
Take advantage of the anniversary event and get started at a great price!
For more information on "The Battle Cats," please visit Nyanko Portal!


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The World of Battle Cats
The World of Battle Cats
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"Nyanko Great War" 60 million DL breakthrough commemorative event 2nd event held!
"Nyanko Great War" 60 million DL breakthrough commemorative event 2nd event held...

A very popular tower defense game "cat great war" broke through series total 60,000,000 download! The 2nd commemoration event commemorates this, and i

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