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"Nyanko Great War" celebration, 60 million DL breakthrough commemorative event & "Godzilla" collaboration simultaneous holding!

「にゃんこ大戦争」祝・6000万DL突破記念イベント&「ゴジラ」コラボ 同時開催!

Ponos Corporation's popular tower defense game " The Battle Cats
This title, which was launched in 2012 as an app game for smartphones, has finally surpassed 60 million downloads in total! Congratulations!

To commemorate this milestone, the first limited-time commemorative event in the game started on June 7 (Monday) at 11:00 a.m.!
In addition, a limited time collaboration event with the recently announced "Godzilla" will also be held at the same time!

Get gorgeous prizes for a high score!

"The Battle Cats"6000万ダウンロード突破!!
The Battle Cats" has been downloaded more than 60 million times!
ニュース | ポノス株式会社

To commemorate the 60 millionth download of "The Battle Cats", the first limited-time commemorative event is now underway.

  • Get gorgeous rewards for a high score! "60 Million Downloads Commemorative Happy Present! " will be held!
  • "Torefest☆Festival" will be held! For a limited time, the appearance rate of treasures in the Japan Arc, Future Arc, and Space Arc will be greatly increased!
  • You can get up to 6 Rare Chickets & Nyan Chickets each! Commemorative login stamps!

And so on and so on. ...... This is a big deal at the beginning of the first round!
Check out the announcement page in the app for details on each campaign!

Event Period

June 7, 2021 (Monday) 11:00 - June 28, 2021 (Monday) 10:59

Legendary Rare Items at double the rate! Limited Time Rare Gacha "Queen Festival"!

Limited ultra-rare character "Princess Cat" is now available!
ニュース | ポノス株式会社

A limited time rare gacha "Queen Festival" featuring a large collection of female characters such as "Cat Ice" and "Amaterasu" will be held!
The " Princess Cat", a limited edition ultra-rare character only available at this event, will also be available!
In addition, "Musashi Miyamoto", "Jeanne d'Arc, the Holy Chairman" and other legendary rare characters will be gathered all at once, and the appearance rate of only legendary rares will be doubled!
Take advantage of this opportunity to get that character you've always wanted!

Event Period

June 7, 2021 (Monday) 11:00 - June 11, 2021 (Friday) 10:59

Let's work together to clear 60 million times!

60 Million Download Commemorative Challenge!
ニュース | ポノス株式会社

During the period, an all-user cooperative challenge event where you can get up to 6 rare tickets!
For every 10 million times an arbitrary stage is cleared by all users, one rare ticket will be acquired, up to a maximum of 6 tickets!
Let's all work together to clear a total of 60 million times!

Event Period

June 7, 2021 (Monday) 11:00 - June 28, 2021 (Monday) 10:59
(The latest clearance status will be announced in-game at 3:00 p.m. every weekday)
(Rare tickets will be distributed after the event period ends.)

Finally, the attack. The long-awaited collaboration event has begun!

The collaboration event with "Godzilla," the world's most powerful monster king that Japan is proud of, will be held for a limited time!
Many users have been waiting for this event since it was announced in mid-May.

It's finally started! Giant Monster Godzilla vs. Nyan Cat
ニュース | ポノス株式会社

In the limited event stage, "Godzilla," a giant creature that reaps everything in its path, will attack the nyankos.
The " Battle! Godzilla, the Giant Creature " is the most difficult stage!
If you succeed in winning, you will get a rare ticket.

From 19:00 on the first night of the collaboration, the "Godzilla vs. Nyanko" beginner level stage will also appear!
Winning the final battle against "Godzilla" will give you a chance to get " Cat Godzilla "!
Let's challenge the battle against the strongest God of Destruction, "Godzilla"!

Collaboration Event Period

June 7, 2021 (Monday) 11:00 - June 21, 2021 (Monday) 10:59

You can look back on the " Godzilla vs. Nyanko" collaboration event on the official Twitter account of The Battle Cats(@PONOS_GAME ). You can look back at the project on the official Twitter account of The Battle Cats (@PONOS_GAME)!


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