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Games at home on rainy days! "Nintendo Switch Early Summer Sale" Bannum's target software is advantageous

雨の日はおうちでゲーム!「Nintendo Switch アーリーサマーセール」開催中 バンナムの対象ソフトがお得

June is already in its second half. The other day, Kanto entered the rainy season a little late. The weather has been unstable, and there have been many guerrilla downpours in various areas.
With such bad weather, it can be a bit of a chore to go outside even on occasional vacations.
On days like this, the best thing to do is to stay at home and play games in peace and comfort!
Just in time for the rainy season, Namco Bandai Entertainment has announced the "Nintendo Switch Early Summer Sale," a special offer for downloadable Nintendo Switch games!

Downloadable versions of popular games are up to 68% off!

The "Nintendo Switch Early Summer Sale" is a special sale where you can save up to 68% off downloadable versions of popular games!
The sale includes 12 titles in total, and you can purchase not only the software but also some eligible DLC at a special price!
Here are some of the highlights from the sale lineup!

Little Nightmare 2 / Little Nightmare 2 Special Edition

Little Nightmare 2
My Nintendo Store(マイニンテンドーストア)

Following its predecessor "Little Nightmare," Little Nightmare 2 sold over 1 million copies in less than a month after its release in February 2021! This suspense adventure game gained popularity for its overall game design and worldview.
I was impressed by the TV commercial featuring the popular game player "Kiyo" in the game.
Little Nightmare 2: Normal Edition is 3,960 yen ⇒ 3,135 yen (20% off )
The special edition with mini-game and digital soundtrack is 4,730 yen ⇒ 3,520 yen (25% off).

Tales of Vesperia REMASTER

Tales of Vesperia REMASTER
My Nintendo Store(マイニンテンドーストア)

TOV ", one of the most popular games in the " Tales of" series, is coming to Nintendo Switch to celebrate its 10th anniversary!
The dialogue between Yuri and Fren has not faded away even after 10 years, making it a timeless masterpiece.
Tales of Vesperia REMASTER is less than half off at 6,270 yen ⇒ 2,970 yen (52% OFF)!
You can also download the "Character Custom Set" and two additional DLCs for free.

-Right Brain Master - Machigasagashi Museum for Nintendo Switch

Little Nightmare 2
My Nintendo Store(マイニンテンドーストア)

Little Nightmare 2 is a "puzzle game" that stimulates the right brain with a fun game of "Mistakes. It stimulates the right brain, which excels at non-verbal tasks such as thinking and imagination.
The game includes three modes, so you can play alone or with multiple players at any time!
- Right Brain Master - Machigashigashi Museum for Nintendo Switch is now available for 3,520 yen ⇒ 2,992 yen (15% OFF).

Sale ends 6/30!

The "Nintendo Switch Early Summer Sale" is now open! Thursday, June 17, 2021 - Wednesday, June 30, 2021 Now on sale!

For the full lineup and pricing details, please visit the Namco Bandai Entertainment sale information page(https://dl-scp.bn-ent.net/).


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