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"BNE Publisher Sale" is now in progress! Up to 85% off Bannum's Steam-enabled titles until June 25!

「BNE Publisher Sale」開催中!バンナムのSteam対応タイトルが最大85%OFF 6月25日まで!

While there are many high-quality console video game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5, many gamers nowadays mainly play PC games.
The appeal of PC games is that they offer a high degree of freedom in customizing the playing environment, whether it be comfort or beautiful graphics.
For those PC gamers, we have good news!
Namco Bandai Entertainment Inc. is holding a " BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Publisher Sale " on the PC game platform "Steam"! This is a sale where you can purchase popular titles from NAMCO BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and others at a discount!

雨の日はおうちでゲーム!「Nintendo Switch アーリーサマーセール」開催中 バンナムの対象ソフトがお得

Super Special Price! Up to 85% off popular titles!

BNE Publisher Sale
BNE Publisher Sale

" Steam "BNE Publisher Sale " is a special sale where you can download and purchase popular Steam compatible titles and various DLC from NAMCO BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment at a discount of up to 85% off!
The sale lineup includes 41 games and 89 DLCs, with a lot of content for sale!
Here are some of the most popular titles and featured items in this article!


Steam ストア

Tekken 7 " is the latest title in the fighting game series that has sold 44 million copies since the first title in the series in 1994. You can enjoy the super excitement, super thrill, and powerful visual expression of the game on Steam.
The main character "Kazuya Mishima" was recently introduced as a new fighter in the Nintendo Switch game " Super Smash Bros.
If you are interested in learning more about his fighting style and backbone before using him in Smash Bros. ", why not take this opportunity to get a firsthand taste of the biggest father-son fight in history?

" TEKKEN 7 is available for an amazing [85% off] 4,440 yen ⇒ 660 yen!
The "Ultimate Edition ", which includes the additional DLC Season Pass (1 and 2) and additional characters, is also at a huge discount of 80% OFF】!
The additional DLC is also discounted by 50~80% except for some items, so you can play the main game at a discount and buy the additional DLC if you are interested in it! Or you can get the whole set at once!


Steam ストア

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown" is the latest title in the popular "Ace Combat" series of flight shooting games, which has shipped more than 16 million units worldwide.
This title, created under the theme of "innovation in the sky," offers a realistic sense of approaching the sky with its three-dimensional cloud coverage, finely detailed terrain and scenery, and three-dimensional, realistic cloud coverage of the aircraft.
ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN " is now available at a special price of 8,360 yen ⇒ 2,090 yen (75% OFF )!
Deluxe Edition " which includes the main game and "Season Pass" is also available for 11,110 yen ⇒ 2,777 yen (75% OFF)!
Additional DCLs distributed before 2020 are also available at a 50% discount.


Steam ストア

CODE VEIN, released in September 2019, is about vampires surviving a collapsed world.
The exploration-based action RPG in which you and your buddy character travel across a deserted and crumbling field to challenge dangerous dungeons infested with Lost demons.
You can also explore and battle with your friends in cooperative play!
In addition to battles and action, the dramatic storyline is also appealing, so if you want to immerse yourself in the world of the game, this is the game for you! This is a game for those who want to immerse themselves in the world!
CODE VEIN " is priced at 9,020 yen (regular price) ⇒ 2,255 yen (75% off ), which is a very reasonable price!
Deluxe Edition " which includes the main game and "Season Pass" 1~3 is also available for 11,990 yen ⇒ 2,997 yen (75% OFF )!
All additional DCLs distributed in the past can also be purchased at 50% off.

Sale ends on the 25th! Buy early!

Steam"BNE Publisher Sale
Steam "BNE Publisher Sale
Steam ストア

In addition to the titles introduced above, there are also a variety of other genre games such as "Soul Calibur 6," "Little Nightmare 2," "SD Gundam: Generation Crossraise," "God Eater 3," &quot The Steam "BNE Publisher Sale" is a great chance to save on a wide variety of games, including "Mojipittan Encore" and many more .
The sale is only a few days away, so if you're considering purchasing a game, we recommend you do so as soon as possible so you don't miss out!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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