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J.League Professional Soccer Club "Avispa Fukuoka" starts selling the 2nd Avispa Token and offering limited NFT at "FiNANCiE"


Financier Inc. announces that it will start the second token sale for the J-League professional soccer club "Avispa Fukuoka" on February 3, 2022 at 20:00 (scheduled) through "FiNANCiE", a crowdfunding 2.0 service that uses blockchain technology provided by FiNANCiE Inc. J-League Professional Soccer Club "Avispa Fukuoka" from 20:00 (scheduled) on February 3, 2010.

Overview of Avispa Tokens

アビスパ福岡PR TIMES

Avispa Fukuoka first issued club tokens on FiNANCiE last August.
The first token sale raised over 9 million yen, and the "Navy Flames Special Match" was held on Saturday, September 25 against Sagan Tosu.
As a new initiative, we are focusing on the token community by holding a voting contest to determine the title of the special match and the design of the commemorative T-shirt.

The second token sale is scheduled to begin on February 3, 2022 at 20:00 (tentative). The token sale will be held as part of the club's efforts to further enhance the club in 2022 in preparation for the 2nd Special Match scheduled for May 7, 2022 (Saturday).

What is Avispa Fukuoka?

Avispa Fukuoka is a J-League club with Fukuoka City as its hometown, and its largest shareholder is SystemSoft Corporation, an IT company that originated in Fukuoka and was involved in many game software projects.
BYBIT, a crypto asset exchange, is also a sponsor of the club, and the club is actively incorporating games, blockchain, and NFT into its activities.

About FiNANCiE


FiNANCiE Inc. is a former subsidiary of gumi Inc. and its CEO is Hirohisa Kunimitsu, former chairman of the board and founder of gumi.
(The shares of Financier Co., Ltd. were transferred to Mr. Kunimitsu.)
) Mr. Kunimitsu is actively involved in activities related to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT, including the NFT business and FiNANCiE, a crowdfunding 2.0 service that utilizes blockchain technology.

What is "One Day Match with Supporters"?

サポーターとつくるワンデーマッチPR TIMES

This is a new initiative in which token holders/supporters and the sponsor will create an experience event and a name for the sponsored match.
In the last event, token holders and supporters voted on the name "Navy Flames Special Match.
Other measures were also taken to enhance the one-day match, including design ideas for merchandise.
The next round of voting will be held in FiNANCiE and in the community for the name of the title and the design of the commemorative merchandise.
In addition to the popular experience and merchandise rewards, there will also be a new menu of additional tokens for sale that will make the One-Day Match even more exciting.

One-Day Match 2022 with Supporters

Matches No. 12 Avispa Fukuoka vs. Shonan Bellmare
Schedule Saturday, May 7, 17:00 kick-off
Venue Best Denki Stadium

Sales Details

Total number of tokens sold The total number of tokens sold will be displayed on the following sales page after the start of sales.
Sales page
Start of sales February 3, 2022 (Thursday) 20:00 (scheduled)
Sales end date and time February 28, 2022 (Monday) 20:00

Token sales will end when the tokens are sold out before the end of the sales period.
Please check the official FiNANCiE note for details on additional token sales.

One-Day Match Sales Menu

  • Original towel muffler
  • Right to see the cheerleading performance up close + commemorative photo with cheerleaders + watch the game on turf-covered seats
  • Right to post your name and message on the big screen
  • VIP seats to watch the cheerleading performance + souvenir of the cheerleading performance
  • Escort kids + right to participate in group photo + watch the game in Avispa seats
  • Participation in the stadium lap + participation in the Hakata hand-clapping at the victory + watching the game in turf-covered seats

Original NFT Menu

  • Limited to 1】2021 Uniform NFT (FP-1st short sleeve design) commemorating breaking the jinx
  • Limited to 1】2022 Uniform NFT (FP-1st short sleeve design)

*Wallet is required to receive the NFT.
*Information on how to receive the tokens will be provided through your registered e-mail address or individual contact from within the service after the sale is completed.
You will be notified by your registered email address or individual contact from within the service after the sale ends.

What are Club Tokens?

クラブトークンPR TIMES

Club tokens serve as "proof" of support for the club, and by holding a club token, you can participate in voting projects held by "Avispa Fukuoka".
The Club Token is a digital item that offers new experiences, such as the ability to apply for special offers that are exclusive to token holders.

Club tokens, like points, have a quantity, but like cryptocurrency, their price can rise or fall depending on the needs of the club.
As the number of token holders increases in the future, the value of the tokens may increase.
For supporters, if they support the project from the beginning and hold the tokens, it will be a new form of support that proves their support and motivates them to continue to support the project.


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