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Experience God Services for free! "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Game" trial campaign held!

神サービスを無料で体験!「auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム」試遊キャンペーン開催!

au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games ", a special offer for "au Smart Pass Premium" subscribers that makes it easy to play nostalgic retro games on smartphones.
On April 13, 2021, the classic belt-scrolling action games " Sogetsu Ryu II The Revenge " and " Sogetsu Ryu III The Rosetta Stone " will be added to the list of titles that can be played, and the number of titles that can be played throughout the series will increase.
au Smart Pass Premium" is a divine service that charges 548 yen per month (including tax) and offers a variety of services such as unlimited video viewing, unlimited music listening, unlimited reading of books, and advance reservations for live concerts, in addition to classic games. But it is also true that it is a bit difficult to subscribe to a monthly subscription service.
However, we want you to experience the beauty of this service, even if only for a short time, so we have launched a trial campaign that allows you to play "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games" for free!

ファミコンの双截龍シリーズ勢揃い!「auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム」新たにゲームタイトル追加!

Play for free for up to 10 minutes with a free trial ticket!

The " Classic Game Trial Campaign " will be held for a limited period of time, and free trial tickets will be distributed for the target classic games.
By using these tickets, you can play classic games without registering as a member!
What is important is "which titles can be played", right?
The following three titles are the target of this campaign!

Shanghai II

auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム

Ninja Jajamaru-kun

auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム


auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム

The "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games" lineup includes three popular titles: " Shanghai II " added in October 2020, " Ninja Jajamaru-kun " added in September 2020, and " Galaga " added in January 2021! The lineup includes three popular titles!
The genres of puzzle, action, and shooting are well balanced, so it's easy to feel the appeal of classic games.
Each game is available for a specific date, and "Shanghai II" will be available from 10:00 on April 22, 2021 (Wed) to 23:59 on April 26, 2021 (Mon ).
Ninja Jajamaru-kun" and "Galaga" will be available from April 27, 2021 (Tuesday) 10:00 to May 10, 2021 (Monday) 23:59.
During this period, the au Smart Pass twitter account(@smartpass_au) will tweet the URL for the free trial ticket distribution, so you can get the free trial ticket and play for free.
The free trial with an auID will last for 10 minutes, while the trial without an auID will last for 5 minutes.
The free trial of "Shanghai II" has already started, so get a ticket from the free trial ticket distribution URL and try it for free!

A divine service that you will understand if you try it!

The free trial campaign is limited to 5 to 10 minutes, and the titles available are also limited.
If you subscribe to "au Smart Pass Premium", you can play more than 70 classic games as much as you want at this point, and more titles will be added one after another.
In addition, you can watch as many videos as you want, listen to as much music as you want, read as many books as you want, and make advance reservations for live concerts. I'd like to say, "I'm going to subscribe," but I think it's okay to wait until you've experienced the wonderful service first.
We have already started trial play of "Shanghai II," and on April 27th, trial play of "Ninja Jajamaru-kun" and "Galaga" will also begin.
First, experience the fun of the "Classic Games Trial Campaign "!
For details and system requirements, please check the official "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games" website!

au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games" is a benefit for "au Smart Pass Premium" subscribers.
Not only is it an unlimited video viewing, unlimited music listening, unlimited book reading, and live concert advance reservations, but it is also an unbeatable service that allows you to save even more on au PAY purchases for only 548 yen per month (tax included), and it can also be used on docomo, SoftBank, and other non-au carriers! You can also use the service with carriers other than au, such as docomo and SoftBank!
And since it's free for 30 days, why not take this opportunity to subscribe?
To apply, please visit the official "au Smart Pass" website!


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