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Even in September, it will be delivered more and more! Game titles added to "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Game"!

9月になってもどんどん配信!「auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム」にゲームタイトルが追加!

au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games ", a special offer for "au Smart Pass Premium" subscribers that makes it easy to play nostalgic retro games on smartphones.
In August 2021, a whopping four new game titles were added, for a total of 11 new titles in one month.
August saw the addition of many unique titles, especially the last addition of " Fighters History Mizoguchi Crisis! which was added in the last issue, made many fans happy.
Whether or not the manly "Makoto Mizoguchi" will be able to play an active role in the game depends on how you play! It's a gaming game!
Now, since a large number of game titles were added in a short interval in August, one would think that the pace would slow down a bit from September, but that's not the case!
The first game titles for September 2021 have been added to "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games"!

タイガーバズーカじゃ!「auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム」に8月4度目のゲームタイトル追加!

Five new titles in a variety of genres have been added!

From September 7, 2021 (Tuesday), a total of five new titles have been added to the "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games" lineup, including two titles from the NES and three from Mega Drive!
The lineup ranges from sequels to classics to rarely seen titles!

Super Xevious: Mystery of the Gump

スーパーゼビウス ガンプの謎
Super Xevious: The Mystery of the Gump
auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム


auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム

Warp Man

auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム

Final Blow

final blow
auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム


auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム

Super XEVIOUS: Mystery of the Gump ", a sequel to the classic shooter "XEVIOUS", " Volfeed ", a game of battle in a science fiction world, "Warpman", an action shooting game in which players move between two worlds while defeating enemies, and "Final Blow", a boxing game with dynamic graphics. Warpman ", " Final Blow ", an action boxing game with dynamic graphics, and " Lunarak ", a belt-scrolling action game about four agents who fight against an evil poaching organization. The lineup is rich in variety and genres.
Volfeed," "Final Blow," and "Lunar" are Mega Drive titles in particular, and some of you may be playing them for the first time.
We hope you will experience the playability and visual expression of the Mega Drive titles!

It's time to pay attention to your smartphone specs!

au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games" offers many classic games, and recently the number of Mega Drive and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) titles has been increasing.
The Mega Drive titles on the "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games" official site are listed as " (Performance may decrease depending on the device used and usage conditions. As indicated by the "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games" official site's Mega Drive title page, smartphone specs may be required to run high-quality Mega Drive titles.
If you have a smartphone that is starting to run Mega Drive titles at a sluggish pace, it may be time to replace it with a smartphone with slightly better specifications, even if it's just to play "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games" more comfortably. Please consider replacing your smartphone with one with better specs!
Please check the official "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games" website for details and system requirements!

au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games" is a benefit for "au Smart Pass Premium" subscribers.
In addition to unlimited video viewing, unlimited music listening, unlimited reading of books, and advance reservations for live concerts, this is an unbeatable service that offers even greater savings on au PAY purchases for only 548 yen per month (tax included). You can also use the service with carriers other than au, such as docomo and SoftBank!
And since it's free for 30 days, why not take this opportunity to subscribe?
To apply, please visit the official "au Smart Pass" website!


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Rare FC title appeared! Game titles added to "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Game"!
Rare FC title appeared! Game titles added to "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Game"...

"au smart pass premium classic game" of the "a au smart pass, premium" subscriber privilege with which you can play a retrospective game of

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