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The legendary unreasonable game finally appears! Add game titles to "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Game"!

伝説の無理ゲーが遂に登場!「auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム」にゲームタイトル追加!

au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games ", a special offer for "au Smart Pass Premium" subscribers that makes it easy to play nostalgic retro games on smartphones.
Since Irem titles were distributed two weeks in a row on February 24 and March 3, I thought that titles would continue to be added at a high pace, but there were no new game titles added for a while after that.
That's because it's hard work to optimize a game for smartphones, and it can't be done that quickly!
And with so many game titles available, there are still some that I haven't completed yet, so I thought I could take my time...but on March 23, 2021 (Tuesday), a new game title was added!

「auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム」にゲームタイトル追加!2週連続でアイレムの名作が追加!

Can you solve the mystery of that island! 3 more titles added!

Three new game titles have been added to the "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games" lineup on Tuesday, March 23, 2021.
Legendary classic impossible games are finally available!

Mystery of Atlantis

auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム

Labyrinth Island

auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム

Nitro Punks Might Heads

auスマートパスプレミアム クラシックゲーム

The legendary "Mystery of Atlantis," which many of you have heard of even if you have never played it before, has been added! This is the title that comes to mind when you think of retro games! It's a classic retro game title.
Note that it is " Atlantis ", not " Atlantis ".
The " Labyrinth Island," which combines action and puzzles, is good at the beginning, but the level of difficulty increases, and " Nitro Punks Might Heads," a unique side-scrolling action game in which the action changes with your hairstyle, is also relatively challenging. The three new titles are quite challenging.

A great way to start a new life!

It will soon be April 2021, and many of you will be starting a new life.
When you move to Tokyo from the countryside, as I did, you realize that you spend more time traveling by train and bus in your daily life than you thought you would.
The best way to make the most of your travel time is to play games!
With "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games," you can play games on your smartphone without having to get a portable game console.
You can also choose from a large number of titles and save your game anywhere with the save function, so you don't have to worry if you have to get off the train or bus in the middle of a game!
Why don't you welcome "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games" to your new life?
For details and operating environment, please check the official "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games" website!

au Smart Pass Premium Classic Games" is a benefit for "au Smart Pass Premium" subscribers.
Not only is it an unlimited video viewing, unlimited music listening, unlimited book reading, and live concert advance reservations, but it is also an unbeatable service that allows you to save even more on au PAY purchases for only 499 yen per month, and it can also be used on other carriers such as docomo and SoftBank! And it's free for 30 days, so you can take advantage of this opportunity.
And since it's free for 30 days, why not take this opportunity to subscribe?
To apply, please visit the official "au Smart Pass" website!


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Add game titles to "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Game"! This time is 2 titles of isem masterpiece!
Add game titles to "au Smart Pass Premium Classic Game"! This time is 2 titles o...

"au smart pass premium classic game" of the "a au smart pass, premium" subscriber privilege with which you can play a retrospective game of