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"Sophie's Atelier 2 - Alchemist of a Mysterious Dream~ " announced at TGS2021! Released on February 24, 2022!

TGS2021で「ソフィーのアトリエ2 ~不思議な夢の錬金術士~」発表!発売は2022年2月24日!

At the Tokyo Game Show 2021 (TGS2021), a hybrid online and offline event, Koei Tecmo announced the release of "Sophie's Atelier 2: The Alchemist of Mysterious Dreams" to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Atelier series. The announcement was made in a special Koei Tecmo program on 2021.

What is "Sophie's Atelier"?

ソフィーのアトリエ ~不思議な本の錬金術士~ソフィーのアトリエ ~不思議な本の錬金術士~

Sophie's Atelier" is the 17th title in the Atelier series and the first in the Mystery series, which was released in November 2015 for PS3, PS4, and PS Vita under the title "Sophie's Atelier: The Alchemist of Mysterious Book".
In April of this year, "Sophie's Atelier: The Alchemist of Mystery Book DX" was released for PS4, Switch, and Steam, adding new elements to the game, and a sequel to the Atelier series has been highly anticipated.

Sophie's sequel "Sophie's Atelier 2" was announced!

The Atelier series has basically had one main character per game, but since the sequel "Liza's Atelier 2: The Lost Lore and the Secret Fairy" was released last December 2020, many fans were looking forward to the release of Sophie 2.
As if in response to such expectations, "Sophie's Atelier 2: The Alchemist of Mysterious Dreams" was announced at TGS2021, with a release date of February 24, 2022 (February 25, 2022 for the Steam version), and pre-orders are now being accepted! The official website is now open!

The story between "Sophie's Atelier" and "Phyllis's Atelier

ソフィーのアトリエ2 ~不思議な夢の錬金術士~PS.Blog

Sophie's Atelier 2: The Alchemist of Mysterious Dreams" is the story between "Sophie's Atelier" and "Phyllis' Atelier".
The adventure takes place in the dream world of Elde-Vige, where the alchemist Sophie searches for her estranged partner!

ソフィーのアトリエ2 ~不思議な夢の錬金術士~PS.Blog

Sophie and her partner, Plafta, are traveling away from their hometown of Kirchen Bell, and during their journey they discover "a large tree that looks just like the one Plafta saw in his dream". As they approach the tree to examine it more closely, they are suddenly sucked into a "mysterious vortex" that appears. ......?


ソフィーのアトリエ2 ~不思議な夢の錬金術士~PS.Blog

The Other Plafta

ソフィーのアトリエ2 ~不思議な夢の錬金術士~PS.Blog

Sophie is sucked into a vortex and arrives at the world of "Elde-Weege," where she searches for clues to Plafta.
Sophie gets information about an alchemist named "Plafta" who has a studio on the outskirts of town, and when she goes there, she finds a girl whom Sophie does not know who calls herself "Plafta".


Alchemist Ramizel

ソフィーのアトリエ2 ~不思議な夢の錬金術士~ソフィーのアトリエ2 ~不思議な夢の錬金術士~PS.Blog

Sophie meets the alchemist Ramizel in the town of Reuterre in Elde-Weege, and asks for her help in finding Plafta, the town organizer.

Sophie and her friends!

Sophie and her friends, who will be the main characters of the game, were also revealed.

Sophie Neuenmüller (CV: Yuka Aisaka)


"My dream is to make everyone happy with alchemy! "

The main character of this work. Aiming to become a certified alchemist like her late grandmother, she is a young girl struggling day by day while traveling away from her hometown.
She has a cheerful and relaxed personality, but is a serious and hardworking person.
She is not good at details and tends to take matters into her own hands.
Her slovenly tendencies are accelerating, and her atelier is often in dire straits. ......


Plafta (CV: Yuka Iguchi)


"Of course. With alchemy, it's this easy."

A young alchemist who came to "Elde-Wige" before Sophie and her friends.
She spends her days exploring and accumulating knowledge of alchemy in her atelier.
He is a calm and theoretical person, but he also has a side that shows a great deal of emotion, such as when his eyes light up at an unknown research project or he bursts into tears when he loses a game. He shares the same name as Sophie's partner, Plafta, but does not know Sophie.


Ramizel Erlenmeyer (CV: Liyi Takahashi)


"Well, well, just do it anyway. Better to act than to think! "

She is the leader of the people living in Elde-Wiege. With her bright smile and mild atmosphere, she is relied on by everyone. She also has a strong sense of justice and a dynamic personality, and often uses her strong arm to confront demons. He meets Sophie and Plafta, who are also alchemists, and watches over them as they grow up.


Plafta (doll)(CV: Yuka Iguchi)


"It's as if a 'dream' led me to ....... Have I been here before ......? "

Sophie's mentor and partner. She has a soul in the body of a doll, but continues her journey with Sophie to become human. During her journey, she and Sophie are separated when she is transported to "Elde-Vige" by the vortex of a large tree.


Sophie 2 in the latest visual quality!

ソフィーのアトリエ2 ~不思議な夢の錬金術士~
ソフィーのアトリエ2 ~不思議な夢の錬金術士~PS.Blog

The technology of "Liza's Atelier 2: The Lost Lore and the Secret Fairy", the latest title in the Atelier series released last year, has been incorporated into the taste of the "Wonders" series to create "Sophie 2" with graphics that are unique to "Sophie 2". The graphics have been enhanced with more rich posing and emotional expression!


Seamless Battle" is implemented! Turn-based battle with a party of 6 players!

ソフィーのアトリエ2 ~不思議な夢の錬金術士~PS.Blog

Seamless Battle" is implemented, in which players enter battle without loading from the field, and battle is a turn-based battle with a party of 6 players.
The battle system is called "multi-linked turn battle," in which two teams of three avant-garde players and three rear-guard players are utilized, and the strategic battle can be experienced through coordinated attacks with switching back and forth.


Dual Trigger," a special move that can be unleashed by tag teaming up.

ソフィーのアトリエ2 ~不思議な夢の錬金術士~
ソフィーのアトリエ2 ~不思議な夢の錬金術士~PS.Blog

The "Dual Trigger" special move, in which any two party members can team up to unleash a special move, and other unique battle effects have been introduced.
The new character models have also been redesigned, making their poses cuter and cooler! Don't miss out on this unique presentation!


Sophie 2" will be released on February 24, 2022! Early bird specials and more!

ソフィーのアトリエ2 ~不思議な夢の錬金術士~PS.Blog

The latest title in the Atelier series, "Sophie's Atelier 2: The Alchemist of Mysterious Dreams," will be released on February 24, 2022!
That's less than half a year away...! As an early purchase bonus, you can get a "favorite everyday outfit" that is an exclusive costume for Sophie and is the same costume as Liza's!

You can link your saved data from "Mystery" series and "Liza 2"!

ソフィーのアトリエ2 ~不思議な夢の錬金術士~PS.Blog

If you have the system data of "DX Edition" of "Mystery" series for PS4 and "Liza's Atelier 2" for PS4, you can get the " Sophie's Costume " for each title as a bonus linked with the save data of each title! You can get the "Sophie Costume" for each title as a bonus linked to your saved data!
Please note that "Liza 2" is not available for the PS5 version!

Pre-orders for "Sophie's Atelier 2: The Alchemist of Mysterious Dreams" have already begun, so be sure to check out the official Atelier Twitter and Sophie 2 official website right away!


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