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Our office just got bigger, so I bought and reviewed ASUS' wireless LAN repeater, the RP-AC52!

Our office just got bigger, so I bought and reviewed ASUS' wireless LAN repeater, the RP-AC52!

Last week our office moved from Akasaka to Akasaka and we now have a larger office.

At Fangler, we are using the ASUS RT-AC3200, which I introduced earlier and is considered the best in the world (?). However, the sensitivity becomes worse at the edges, and although it is not so bad that we cannot communicate at all, it is a little uneasy when we play games or watch movies on PS4.

Therefore, I decided to purchase a wireless LAN repeater.

What I purchased was RP-AC52 made by the same ASUS!

RP-AC52外箱funglr Games

The design is similar to that of RT-AC3200.

スライド式で開けやすいfunglr Games

The box is a sliding type. It looks divine. Wireless LAN repeater RP-AC52 appears.

RP-AC52中箱funglr Games

Dawn. ASUS router products are all black, but for some reason, RP-AC52 is white.

同梱物一覧funglr Games

Included in the package is a manual, warranty card, and an invitation to become a VIP member of ASUS.
VIP membership offers extended warranty and other benefits, but I didn't want to buy a new router because I would have lost the opportunity to do so.

Simple and cool body

RP-AC52側面funglr Games

The RP-AC52 plugs directly into a wall outlet. The design is simple enough not to spoil the scenery as it is plugged into a wall.

RP-AC52表面funglr Games

Dawn. The golden ASUS logo is dazzling (I didn't say it was dazzling).

光沢感もあるボディfunglr Games

The surface of the RP-AC52 is also glossy, with the same pattern as the RT-AC1200HP and RT-AC68U, but the RP-AC52 relay unit has a white design.
As shown on the label, it supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. This is dual band...!

RP-AC52右側funglr Games

On the right side, there is also a port for a LAN cable.
It can not only relay this Wi-Fi, but also can directly relay it by inserting a LAN cable.

RP-AC52裏面funglr Games

There is also a Japanese technical certification mark for peace of mind.
It is really simple.

説明書funglr Games

The instruction manual. When three lamps are lit, it means the sensitivity is very good, and when no lamps are lit at all, it means the network is not connected.

Size comparison!

スリムなボディfunglr Games

Side by side comparison with RT-AC3200! They are not supposed to be side by side like this, but when compared like this, the RT-AC3200 looks very strong...!

手のひらサイズfunglr Games

As you can see, it is the size of a palm. As you can see, it is palm-sized and compact enough to fit in a woman's hand.

Installation image!

設置イメージfunglr Games

This is how it looks when installed. Design that does not spoil the scenery (for the second time)
ASUS has unified the router's color to black, but I think I understand why only the repeater is white.

コンパクトですねfunglr Games

Image from afar, Pepper is in the way...


Originally, the repeater is installed in a place where the signal does not reach, to expand the coverage area, so if the Wi-Fi originally reached, I wonder if it is unnecessary? I wonder...
It is possible to set the SSID to a different SSID from the main router, but it is not smart to have several SSIDs in the company. However, it is not smart to have multiple SSIDs in the company, and the SSID is the same as the main router as the default setting.
However, I was also worried that it might conflict with the main router....
But after the installation, the sensitivity was clearly improved in every corner of the office, so I was happy and satisfied.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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