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ASUS releases a teaser site for new products! A presentation will be held on October 21st!


ASUS sells many high-quality products such as PCs, smartphones, and peripherals.
ASUS has released many high-performance and cost-effective gaming devices, such as its own gaming brand " ROG " and gaming line " TUF Gaming ".
ASUS has suddenly released a web page! The announcement of the new product launch has been announced!

The event will be held online on October 21 at 14:00!

ASUS New Product Announcement

What was released this time is a teaser site announcing the ASUS new product launch event.
" Change your perspective. The world will change. The site is simple, with a visual image of the ASUS new product launch to be held online on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 14:00, and an embedded YouTube video under the theme "Change Your Perspective.
The YouTube video's thumbnail reads " Flip evolves," and the site's URL includes the words "ZenFone7," so there is no doubt that the ZenFone7 will be announced!
After the presentation, the teaser site will be changed to the campaign site for the new product, so bookmark it and wait for the presentation!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

ASUS 30th Anniversary ! The latest model "ZenBook Pro Duo" "ZenFone 6" experienced!
ASUS 30th Anniversary ! The latest model "ZenBook Pro Duo" "ZenFone 6"...

To hear in rumor and sense numerous functionality, it's being held at present, I went to the "touch & try event" held on Saturday on the 24th in &

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