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A new e-sports communication studio "BARReL" opens in Yokohama!


ASOBUILD " is a complex experience entertainment facility where you can experience new sensation entertainment contents with various themes.
The building has four floors above ground and one below, and visitors can enjoy a variety of food and content on each floor, including the latest technology, craftsmanship, and kids' activities.
The new e-sports community center " BARReL" will open in " ASOBUILD" this time!

A new e-sports community center will open in Yokohama!


BARReL " is a new e-sports communication studio scheduled to open on the 3rd floor of ASOBUILD, an entertainment complex.
In addition to the " Gaming Area" equipped with 28 gaming PCs on a floor of over 500 square meters, there will also be a " Distribution Studio Area," an online distribution studio space equipped with a green backdrop, and an "Open Stage Area" where community events can be held using a multi-display and stage. The " Open Stage Area" is equipped with all kinds of facilities for e-sports and gaming fans!
The "Gaming Area" can be used for team practice, the "Distribution Studio Area" can be used for small fan events, and the " Open Stage Area" can be used to hold e-sports tournaments.
The studio can be used as a "casual gathering place anytime" for the e-sports and online gaming communities.
BARReL will also offer e-sports classes, programming, video editing classes, and other programs.
For details, please check the official BARReL website.
The opening is scheduled for early August 2022, so be sure to join us this summer and build a new community through e-sports!

Facility Overview
Facility Name BARReL
Location 3F ASOBUILD, 2-14-9 Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Opening Date Scheduled to open in early August


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