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Limited time 9 vs 9! Apex Legends' new limited-time mode "Control" information is now available!

期間限定の9対9!Apex Legends2月8日開始の最新シーズン「デファイアンス」で期間限定モード「コントロール」が登場!

Apex Legends system designer Mark Yampolsky has announced the launch of a new limited-time mode called " Control & Quot;" which will be available in conjunction with the latest Defiance season, which will begin on February 8. The new limited-time mode "Control"" will be available in conjunction with the latest season "Defiance" starting on February 8.

What is the "Control" limited time mode?

Control " is the first large-scale team mode in "Apex Legends".
It offers a different feel from the Battle Royale and Arena modes, with eight players fighting for control of various locations in the Outlands.

Live, die, repeat. Constantly.

新期間限定モード:コントロールApex Legends ニュース - EA公式サイト

You can always respawn early, allowing you to try again with new strategies and weapons.

新期間限定モード:コントロールApex Legends ニュース - EA公式サイト

Changing legend, loadout, and scope at spawn allows you to change your strategy by switching playstyles.

The Struggle for Domination

新期間限定モード:コントロールApex Legends ニュース - EA公式サイト

In zones, abilities are matched with other teams to give you an advantage, and the first team to reach the maximum score of 1,250 wins.

新期間限定モード:コントロールApex Legends ニュース - EA公式サイト

The more zones you own, the more points you earn per second. Also, the spawnable positions change depending on which zones you own. This can greatly change your strategy, and owning zones is an important factor in gaining points and advancing in the war.

新期間限定モード:コントロールApex Legends ニュース - EA公式サイト

Selected zones receive a one-time domination bonus, and when the countdown begins and the timer reaches zero, the team that owns the zone that earns the domination bonus earns the most points.

Full Controlling

新期間限定モード:コントロールApex Legends ニュース - EA公式サイト

Owning all three zones at the same time puts you in a very advantageous position. If the team owning the zone is able to stay locked out until the timer expires, it will win the game. On the other hand, if the locked-out team succeeds in regaining control of one of the zones, the lockout can be aborted.

Maintaining three zones for an extended period of time requires a high level of skill and teamwork.

Legends Rating

新期間限定モード:コントロールApex Legends ニュース - EA公式サイト

Divided into three tiers (Blue, Purple, and Gold), each tier is more challenging but offers more powerful weapons.

Each tier allows players to earn more Ultimates, and by utilizing Legendary Abilities and reaching the highest tier, players can continue to earn ratings to gain more Ultimate Charges even when their loadouts reach their maximums.

Kills become less important because everyone can respawn. Therefore, instead of the kill leader, the player with the highest rating will become the "rating leader," the most active player.


新期間限定モード:コントロールApex Legends ニュース - EA公式サイト

The game will take place in familiar Outlands locations such as the Hammond Laboratory in Olympus and the Barometer in Tropic.

Dynamic combat with dense firefighting will be possible with the addition of a wide variety of hiding places, updated means of transportation, and new zone shapes. New ziplines, sky dive launchers, and tridents have also been added.

Leveling Up Play.

Due to user concerns about escapes, the plan is to allow players to complete challenges and advance their battle paths regardless of how they play.

This season, we are introducing "Daily Challenges" and "Weekly Challenges" that can be completed in any mode. Control-specific challenges and badges will be available while the control is playable.

Controls will be playable during the first three weeks of the third anniversary season, starting on February 8, when "Apex Legends: Defiance" launches.

We look forward to your feedback!

The official Apex Legends team is looking forward to hearing what you think of the game. Please keep playing and let us know what you think of the game.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

32468期間限定の9対9!Apex Legends2月8日開始の最新シーズン「デファイアンス」で期間限定モード「コントロール」が登場!
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