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Nintendo Switch version "Apex Legends" distribution start! Note that sd card is almost essential even in the package version!

Nintendo Switch版「エーペックスレジェンズ」配信開始!パッケージ版でもSDカードがほぼ必須なので注意!

It is no exaggeration to say that " Apex Legends " is one of the most played games in the world today.
The announcement of the Nintendo Switch version of "Apex Legends" has been a great success for Nintendo Switch users who have not been able to play the game until now.
The long-awaited Nintendo Switch version of "Apex Legends" will finally be released on March 10, 2021 (Wednesday )!

Nintendo Switch版「エーペックスレジェンズ」配信決定!もちろん基本プレイ無料!

Join the 3-player team battle royale right away!

Apex Legends" is a first-person battle roy ale shooter for up to 60 players in teams of three (or two in the case of duos).
The game is free to play as long as you have an Internet connection, and many people around the world are playing the game at this very moment.
Currently, a total of 16 characters, each with their own unique skills, are available for use, so combine your skills with those of other players to create the strongest team possible!
At the initial stage, only 6 characters can be used, and the other characters must be unlocked using items obtained through gameplay and other means.
It may be a good idea to aim to open up all characters first to increase the selection of characters you can use.

Apex Legends

Cross-play with platforms other than the Nintendo Switch is possible, so you can play with players all over the world right now, and the Nintendo Switch version supports gyro controls!
Intuitive Aim controls could possibly be quite advantageous...? Start playing now!


Season 8 - Mayhem " is currently underway in the game.
By participating in the season, you will unlock new legendary "Hughes", new weapon skins, and themed items.
The "Hughes" is a specialist in explosions, and you can find out what kind of legend he is by trying him out for yourself.

"Chaos Theory"コレクションイベント
Chaos Theory" Collection Event

The "Chaos Theory" collection event started on March 10.
In addition to limited items available at the event, you can also get a "Cold Steal" Super Legendary item from Bangalore by opening all items sold at the special store. Don't miss this opportunity!

"Chaos Theory"コレクションイベント
Chaos Theory" Collection Event

Champion Edition is now available!

Apex Legends" is already available on platforms other than Nintendo Switch, and the game is already in Season 8.
For those who have started playing "Apex Legends" on Nintendo Switch and are wondering how hard it will be to catch up, there is a "Champion Edition " for you!

エーペックスレジェンズ チャンピオンエディション
Apex Legends Champion Edition

The "Champion Edition" is a great value product that instantly unlocks all 9 Legends from Season 7, along with exclusive decoration items and 1,000 Apex coins, the game's in-game currency.
If you're looking to catch up with those around you right now, this is the perfect product for you! </>

エーペックスレジェンズ チャンピオンエディション
Apex Legends Champion Edition

The "Apex Legends Champion Edition" is currently available for 4,300 yen (tax included).
It can be downloaded from My Nintendo Store and Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch, and a packaged version will be released on March 18, 2021.

Double experience for the first two weeks of distribution!

Apex Legends" is now available for download ! It is free to play!

Please note that an Internet environment, EA account, andNintendo account are required to play!
Download it now from My Nintendo Store or the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch!
Please note that " Character Dialogue (Japanese) " (free of charge) is required to set the character voices to Japanese, and must be downloaded separately.
Those who have started playing "Apex Legends" on the Nintendo Switch version will have their season level increased to 30th level during the current "Season 8 - Mayhem" and will receive double the experience gained for the first two weeks of distribution.
As an added bonus, you can also get a free "P.A.T.H" Legendary Skin for Pathfinder if you log in during the Season 8 period.
The sooner you start, the better off you'll be, especially with double experience, so get playing now!

パスファインダー用レジェンダリースキン "P.A.T.H"
Legendary skin for Pathfinder "P.A.T.H"

SD card is almost a must! Click here to get it now!

The Nintendo Switch version of "Apex Legends" is listed on the My Nintendo Store download page as "This game requires a minimum download size of 25 GB with an internet connection. A microSD card may be required depending on storage conditions. ".
The recent notation of "30 GB or more" has been changed to "25 GB or more," but either way, the Nintendo Switch's storage is just barely enough for the game.
A packaged version of the "Champion Edition" will be released on March 18, 2021 (Thursday), but it will not contain a game card, but a download number, so you will need to download the data.
In addition, the "Character Dialogue" (in Japanese) is 1.7 GB in size.
And with updates required for each season, downloading a large amount of data is almost impossible to manage with just the storage space on the device.
So why not take this opportunity to install a microSD card to increase the capacity?
If you are going to go to all the trouble, we recommend a microSD card with a large capacity, but you also have to consider your wallet, and there may be people who don't know what to buy.
For those who don't know what to buy, please check out our article on recommended microSD cards!

Switch版「Apex Legends」容量は30GB…!つまりmicroSDカード必須!おすすめしたいSwitch用‎microSDカードを紹介!

The official program will be broadcasted!

To celebrate the release of the Nintendo Switch version of "Apex Legends," a " Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch Release Commemorative Program " will be held on Wednesday, March 10, 2021 at 18:00!

The program will include a message from the developers and a first look at the game, so be sure to tune in!
Apex Legends" has been played by many people around the world, and with the release of the Nintendo Switch version, the number of players is sure to increase even more!
Cross-play support means you can play together with people from other platforms, so keep playing and improving your skills!
For more information, check out the Nintendo website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

Switch version "Apex Legends" capacity is 30GB...! In other words, microSD card required! Introducing the microSD card for Switch that I want to recommend!
Switch version "Apex Legends" capacity is 30GB...! In other words, microSD card ...

The microSD card is indispensable to Switch. There are also many microSD cards, and do you also hesitate about which the price should also buy, dispersive* and*

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