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Details of "Atsushi Animal Forest" Ver.2.0 announced! This time the last content is added!

「あつまれ どうぶつの森」Ver.2.0の詳細が発表!今回が最後のコンテンツ追加!

This article has not yet been translated, so only the title & description and some of the text has been automatically translated.

Nintendo Switch it's also all over the world today even today and where the person enjoying a life at an island fully is overflowing "gather Forest of an animal"
That's also free and a large number of updates are performed, and it's new up to now, it was keeping increasing pleasantly, but more than 1 year and a half has passed from sale in March, 2020.
It was only addition of a new item besides the holding of a fireworks display and a bug chicken meeting by a free update on nearest July 29, 2021.
A rise is dating for free of charge and when a new item is added, the island is also brilliant, so it's fun..., it's new as expected, more how to enjoy oneself is the place you want, right?
I respond to such everyone's expectation, but "gather Forest of an animal Direct 2021.10.15" delivers profitableness for 2021 years to 23:00 on Friday, October 15!
Information about the next free update was an announcement in the first half!

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65515「あつまれ どうぶつの森」Ver.2.0の詳細が発表!今回が最後のコンテンツ追加!
Free updates to seasonal events will be held at "Atsushi Animal Forest"! Let's raise fireworks on the island again this year!

Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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