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June Bride event starts in Atsumi! Help with your photo shoots and get your wedding series!


Nintendo Co., Ltd. started a June Bride event at " Atsumare Animal Crossing " on June 1, 2020.
The event will last until June 30, 2020, the end of the month, and you can obtain the limited items " Wedding Series " and " Ai no Kosei " at this event.

Help us take wedding photos!

In this event, you can help Lisa and Kayzo take photos to commemorate their wedding on Panny's Island.

Help us take wedding photos!

When you start helping, you will be given a theme.
By creating a layout based on the theme and taking pictures, you will be rewarded with the Wedding Series and " Ai no Kessho ".
The "ai no kessho" items obtained will be used to exchange for the event's reward, the wedding series.
A certain number of "ai no kesho" are required to exchange them, and there is a limit of 15 per day, so be sure not to forget if you want to complete the event.
The higher the rating of the layout, the more "Ai no kesho" you can get, so experiment with furniture placement, types, colors, etc. to achieve a high rating.

Let's create a themed layout!

Commemorative items for "International Children's Day" are also on sale!

Today, June 1, 2020, is the anniversary of " International Children's Day.
To celebrate the anniversary, "Atsumare Animal Crossing" is offering commemorative items in the shopping section of the Tanu Port function until the end of June.
The three items are "Handmade Orchid", "Handmade Cloak", and "Chichi no Hi Thank You Mug Cup". Please check them out as well.


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You can enjoy the works of the Pola Museum of Art in "Atsumido Forest"! Decorate...

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