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Bomberman × Music!? The latest installment in the series, "Amazing Bomberman," will be released exclusively by Apple Arcade!

ボンバーマン × 音楽!?シリーズ最新作「アメージング ボンバーマン」がApple Arcade独占で配信決定!

The "Bomberman" series by Konami has been played by many people, from beginners to experts, because of its simple rules that blow up opponents with a blast and the player who survives to the end wins the game, as well as the strategic nature of the game.
As of August 2022, "Super Bomberman R Online," which is currently being distributed to great acclaim, will unfortunately end its service on December 1, 2022 (Thursday) at 10:00 a.m., but in 2023, "Super Bomberman R Online" Battle64 The latest title in the series, "Super Bomberman R 2," will be released in 2023 and will include "Super Bomberman R Online" Battle 64 mode and a new Castle mode !
Those of you who were sad to see the "Super Bomberman R Online" service end are now looking forward to the new Bomberman.
However, "Super Bomberman R Online" service will end in December 2022. Super Bomberman R 2" will be released in 2023, which means there will be a shortage of Bomberman games.
It's fine to wait and play "Super Bomberman R" on PS4, Xbox One, Steam, and Nintendo Switch, but wouldn't you rather play a new game?
The newest title, "Amazing B omberman," has suddenly been announced for all of you out there!

ボンバーマンシリーズ最新作「スーパーボンバーマン R 2」発表!新モード「キャッスル」も登場!

A new type of Bomberman that changes in time with the music!

Amazing Bomberman" is a new title in the "Bomberman" series that will be distributed exclusively on Apple Arcade.
Bomberman has evolved with each new title, adding new and exciting features, so this is not just another Bomberman title that you can play on Apple Arcade.
Amazing Bomberman" is a new fusion of music and Bomberman, with stages that change in time with the music!

There are seven different stages, each with a different song to play.
The sound of bomb placement and explosions changes with the song, and the battle time also changes with the song.
As the song picks up, blocks will start falling, so avoid them and use bombs to destroy them to get items.

Bomberman also has a "Misobon" system that allows players to join the game even after they drop out, but basically, if you get blown away by a blast or crushed by a block, that's the end of the game, right?
In "Amazing Bomberman," even if Bomberman is blown up, he can revive as many times as he wants as long as the song is still playing.
If you don't give up and play to the end, even if you get blown up, you may well end up being number one, so take a chance on a comeback!

If you can come back after being blown up, you may be wondering how the winner is decided.
In this game, the rule is to compete with how many scores you get during one song.
The Bomberman with the highest score during a stage will receive a spotlight, and if you blow that Bomberman away, you will get bonus points, so there is a great chance of a great comeback.

アメージング ボンバーマン
Amazing Bomberman

The best part of Bomberman is that everyone gets to play together.
Amazing Bomberman" supports online battles for up to four players.
You can battle with players from all over the world, or you can use your room ID to enjoy battles with friends.
If you play on an iPhone or iPad that can communicate independently, you can take advantage of the Apple Arcade's ability to play online anytime, anywhere.


There are missions in the game, and you can earn rewards by challenging and clearing them.
Collect customization items and enjoy your own Amazing Bomberman!

Distribution starts on August 5!

Amazing Bomberman" will be available on August 5, 2022!
The platform is Apple Arcade, and subscribers will be able to play at no extra charge.
The platform is Apple Arcade, and subscribers will be able to play the game at no extra charge.
Let's experience a new and different Bomberman this summer!
For more details, please check the official "Amazing Bomberman" website!
The official BGM for the game has also been released to coincide with the announcement, so be sure to use it as a study or work companion!


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Bomberman's Batlois "Super Bomberman R Online" announces the end of service.
Bomberman's Batlois "Super Bomberman R Online" announces the end of service....

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