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"Little Girl Senki" × "Alice Gear Aegis" collaboration will be held! Tanya and Visha appear in the game!


Pyramid and Coloplast have teamed up to present a new smartphone game, " Alice Gear Aigis" ( hereafter referred to as "Alice Gear").
The game has been well received for its easy and exhilarating action and the story woven by attractive characters armed with mecha.
The fact that a TV anime is set to begin airing in 2023 is also a major talking point!
Alisgear has announced a collaboration event with the popular war fantasy " Ko-Jo Senki"!

「白猫プロジェクト NEW WORLD'S」8周年を記念した「白猫プロジェクトチップス2」が本日8月23日に発売!カードコンプリートセットが当たるTwitterフォロー&引用リツイートキャンペーンも開催中!

The collaboration event between "Alisgear" and "Child War Diary" will be held!

"アリスギア"×"幼女戦記"コラボPR TIMES

The popular war diary fantasy " Ko-Jo Senki" written by Carlo Zen (@sonzaix) will be collaborated with "Alice Gear" and "Ko-Jo Senki" in a TV anime to be released in January 2017.
A TV anime adaptation was released in January 2017, and a theatrical anime will be released in 2019. The second season of the TV series, "Ko-Jo Senki II," is currently under production and has sold more than 9.5 million copies.
In this collaboration event, " Tanya ( CV: Aoi Yuki)" and " Visha ( CV: Saori Hayami)" from "Records of Young Girls" will appear in "Alice Gear"!
An original story unique to the collaboration will unfold!

カウントダウンログインボーナスPR TIMES

A special "countdown log-in bonus " will also be offered to commemorate the collaboration!
The collaboration event will be held from August 30, 2022 (Tuesday) The collaboration event will be held from the following date!
More details will be announced on the official "Alice Gear" website and Twitter account (@colopl_alice), so stay tuned for more information!

Collaboration key visual revealed!

コラボキービジュアルPR TIMES

Ahead of the collaboration between "Yonjo Senki" and "Alice Gear", the key visual for the collaboration has been unveiled!
The illustration is by Hiranko Kinohana (@popopopopw).
The design depicting Yoroh Hirasaka and Tanya is a must-see!


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