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The legendary true god Game is revived after more than 30 years! "Actuzer Renaissance" released!


There are games in the world that are called " Kami games.
Most of the time, the term "god game" is used to refer to a masterpiece with a divine influence, but games with " gods" as the main characters are also "god games.
Recently, " Fight of Gods " by Digital Crafter, a Taiwanese developer, is also a "God game" because most of the characters in the game are "Gods" or their equivalents.
Among the many "god games" in the world, it is no exaggeration to say that this is a " true god game" that combines the meaning of both "god game," which means a masterpiece, and "god game," which means a game in which a "god" is the main character. Do you know about " Act Raiser," one of the few games that can be called a "true god game"?
This "true god game" with many fans has been remastered with new elements! It has been revived as " ActRaiser Renaissance "! It is now available for download!

What is "ActRaiser"?


ActRaiser " is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) game released by Enix (now Square Enix) in December 1990.
Since the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) itself was released on November 21, 1990, only nine titles were released in 1990, the year of its release.
Among them, three were Nintendo titles, so this is one of the first six non-Nintendo Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SN ES) titles.
In the action part, the player takes back the land that has been taken over by Satan's minions as a " god," and in the creation part, which is a feature of this title, the player is responsible for making the human race prosper in the land that has been taken back. The game progresses through a flow of boss battles in areas that appear as you develop the land in the creation part.
The " Creation Part " is the most interesting part of the game, where you manipulate angels to cause rain, lightning, and various other miracles to promote development, a gameplay that is quite unique.
It is also very nice that people who visit the temple of the "god" say " Kami yo " to you, which makes you feel like a god!
The music by Yuzo Ancient(@yuzokoshiro) is indispensable when talking about "Actraiser"!
The music is not only a great addition to the game, but also a wonderful piece of music, so please pay attention to the music when you play!

Remastered with new elements!

Actraiser Renaissance " is a remastered version of the "god game" Actraiser with various new elements.
The highly acclaimed gameplay, which consists of an action part and a creation part, has been kept intact, but the graphics have been updated to a higher resolution. The game has been reborn with beautiful and smooth images.
In addition to the graphics, the game is based on the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) game, but has many new elements, including a greatly enhanced scenario, a new real-time strategy part called " Invasion of the Demon Swarm," and the addition of new maps and boss characters.
The original game was known for its high difficulty level, but "Actraiser Renaissance" has difficulty level selection, intermediate save, and auto-save, so even those who are not good at action can enjoy the game.
The game also includes all of Yuzo Ancient's famous songs, arranged from the original work, as well as about 15 new songs!
You can listen to samples of " Fillmore," which is the main theme of the arranged version, and the boss battle song " Majuuju ga Nareru " on the official "Actraiser Renaissance" website, so please give them a listen! It's so cool!

However, the arrangement with the Super NES sound is also great, and I'm sure there are fans from the past who would like to hear it again.
For those fans, the original soundtrack is also included in the game!
There is also a " Music Mode " so you can enjoy the music as much as you want, so let's get lost in the classic songs!

Now available on multiple platforms!

Actraiser Renaissance" is now available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam, iOS, Android and other platforms !
The price is 3,520 yen (including tax ) for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam , and2,440 yen (including tax) for iOS and Android.
If purchased by 0:59 a.m. on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, the Nintendo Switch version will receive MP3 sound data of 5 BGM songs from the main game and original wallpaper, the PS4 version will receive a mini soundtrack with 5 BGM songs from the game and an original wallpaper, and the Steam version will receive a wallpaper andMini Soundtrack will be given away.
If you're considering purchasing the game on Nintendo Switch, PS4, or Steam, don't delay!
To purchase, visit My Nintendo Store for Nintendo Switch or Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Store for PS4 ,Steam product page for Steam, App Store for iOS , andGoogle Play respectively.
It was one of the first Super NES titles to be re-released, and it's a classic that is still talked about to this day, so it's great that it's being re-released, but now it's been remastered with new elements, arranged with many of the classic songs, and at a very affordable price.
Whether you have played the original game or are just discovering it through this new release, this game deserves to be called "a truly divine game "!
For more information, please visit the official "Actraiser Renaissance" website!


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